These stepping movements are aimed at helping to increase, or just maintain, ankle mobility.  They are using the structure of the bones themselves to help keep things well organised.  This is particularly true if your ankle mobility feels like it is blocked at the front of the ankle.   It is good to the follow this movement up with the calf stretches that can be found here.

There is no equipment needed, just a bit of space in which you can move.



None, just a bit of space in which to move.

Part 1: Stepping back.



Stand with feet next to each other
  1. Choose which foot is going to remain stationary.
  2. The other foot steps back and round a bit (maybe 25 degree movement) and then back to next to the other foot.
  3. Gradually increase the back and round motion until the back foot (taking the pelvis with it) ends up 90 degrees to the stationary foot.  This should not cause pain at the knee and the stationary foot remains planted on the foot (there will be some pronation/flattening of the arch during this movement)

Part 2: Stepping forward

  1. Then the moving foot starts to come forward and round, building up small movements that carry the pelvis and twisting around the standing/stationary leg and foot. 
  2. Again this should not cause pain in the knee or hip and this will cause a supination/lifting of the arch, but the balls of the stationary foot should stay in contact with the floor.
  3. Go for a short walk.


Here’s a short video of me doing the movement.

Thanks for reading this my lovely Interonauts.