Book an appointment

How to make an appointment

Direct with the Clinic
(All appointment lengths and appointments using a discount package)

Contact the clinic directly, either by phone (recommended) or email.

The reception team at the clinic manages the appointment diary; they know what appointments are available.

There may also be some appointments available due to late cancellations that the reception team can advise you about.

Phone: 020 7490 4042




Online Booking
(60 min appointments only)

Takes you to the Islington Chiropractic Booking system (

You will need to create and account (if you’re an existing client make sure you use the email address you get your reminders on) and you will need to pay for your appointment when booking.

Booking for 60 minute appointments only, for 90 minute or longer appointments you will need to call the clinic on 020 7490 4042

Why aren’t longer appointments available online?

Tim has a number of breaks built into his diary for admin purposes, and longer appointments need these breaks to be moved.  This needs to be done by a member of the Clinic Reception staff.

Why doesn’t Tim manage his own diary?

When Tim is working with someone, or running a class he am not able to stop to take a call.  Rather than ending up with a series of voicemails or emails between us, it is easier to make use of the reception teams at each clinic.

Why is it recommended to phone the clinic?

Tim’s diary can be quite full.  It is easier to talk to a receptionist to find a suitable appointment, rather than having lots of emails bouncing back and forth.  They will also take some contact details and send you an appointment confirmation.

Why is there a long wait for evening appointments?

After work/evening appointments are the more popular and there is limited availability.  Therefore you may have to wait to get one of these slots. If you are fairly flexible, you can ask to be added to the waiting list in case there are any cancellations.

Oh, and as there is a 24 hour notice period for all appointments,  please check the Cancellation Policy page.