Tim Harwood is a certified Integrated Myofascial Therapist.  He runs his Relax Release Renew clinic in Barbican/Clerkenwell, London.

He is also trained as a Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher and a Yoga Teacher (Scaravelli Inspired).

About Tim Harwood

I am an Integrated Myofascial Therapist, with a background in Sports & Remedial Massage, a Scaravelli Yoga Teacher, and a Reiki Master. I have an interest in treating the symptoms of pain that may be originating from the soft tissues in the jaw (TMJ).  

I am a complementary health therapist that offers treatments that work on the body and mind. I’m continually amazed at what the body and mind combination can do (both positive and negative) and this is influencing my ongoing reading and study to find ways to allow clients to heal themselves.

I am committed to providing you with a thorough, professional approach to you and your individual needs, adjusting my treatments to provide you with the best level of care.  I will assist you to find ease within your body , and will do what I can to encourage and support you on your journey to ease.  Where I can I will also empower your with tools, tips, and movements that will help you to keep yourself moving with as much ease as possible.

Post Covid pandemic practices:

Tim is still working in a way that tries to minimise transmitting infectious diseases such as Covid -19 and Influenza.