Price of treatments increasing

This is advance notice that from 8th February 2024, my prices are increasing.

Individual treatments

Prices will be:

  • 60 minutes will be £75 (currently£70)
  • 120 minutes will be £140 (currently £130)

There is no increase for a 90 minute appointment, which will remain at £120.



From 8th February 2024 packages will cost:

  • 5 treatment package, 5% discount, will cost £356.25 (currently £332.50).  
  • 10 treatment package, 10% discount, will cost £675 (currenlty £630).

Packages bought before the price increase on 8th February 2024 will be honoured until the purchased treatments are used up, or the package time expires.  The treatments of a package need to be used within 18 months of purchase and payment is upfront.

Why are the prices increasing?

The clinic and I have not increased the price of a massage since the Summer of 2021. 

As we all know, since then there have been a number of increases in prices, especially during 2023 with its very high level of inflation.  The cost of the equipment that I use has increased massively, the energy and transport costs have also gone up.

This decision has not been made lightly, and we have held off for as long as possible.  We really do want to try to keep our treatments as affordable as we can. 

Please note that this is part of a wider increase in prices in the clinic, and I am only providing notice of the increase in my services. This is is a clinic wide increase also affecting Chiropractic Treatments, Acupuncture, Chiropody and Podiatry.  Please see the clinic website for information, or talk to a member of Reception.

Yes, the building that the new clinic is in is in the Beech Street Tunnel.  I have cornily said that the clinic will become the light in the middle of the tunnel of your journey to greater wellbeing.  

So that’s the latest news, and I’m sorry that it’s not the most pleasant news.  But this is long overdue.



Tim sitting in a room, smiling, with a blue massage couch in the background, bookshelves just visible on the right