Sport & Remedial Massage

Sport and Remedial Massage

Wrestling with sports related injury or hampered by a dodgy back every time you do the gardening?  For athletes and ordinary folk alike, this is a great way to ease aching muscles, relieve stress and promote healing.

It’s also ideal if you just want to keep in shape and remain physically active. Who wouldn’t want that?

Specific problems and general discomfort are often caused by repetitive activities and bad posture. Working on the body’s soft tissues restores functionality to muscles and joints and makes you feel human again.

Here’s how sport and remedial massage can help

  • Muscular Injuries: Sprains, strains and rotator cuff injuries are painful and impede movement. Massage eases discomfort, restores fluid motion and supports other therapies to speed rehabilitation.
  • Everyday Aches: Hunched over a laptop, doing the gardening, housework or DIY, driving or carrying heavy items – so many daily tasks can lead to injury if you’re careless or fall into bad habits.
  • Tension Headaches: The crazy pace of your average day is all the encouragement a crippling headache needs. Massage soothes and relaxes to ease tension and restores a little sanity to your busy life.
  • Healing Scar Tissue: Scarring can be unsightly and take time to heal. Massage speeds the process by breaking down scar tissue.
  • Guards Against Future Injuries: Massage keeps muscles supple and stimulates the nourishing flow of blood and oxygen – an excellent way of preventing damage.

What happens during the session?

I’ll assess your posture, joints and range of movement to pinpoint the cause of injury. Your treatment plan may involve several massage techniques tailored to suit you. This holistic approach is ideal for a variety of conditions.

The session can be calming or invigorating and you may need to change position. It all depends what’s best for you.

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Sport & Remedial Massage Testimonials

Hi Tim, 
Just to let you know you worked miracles on me !
I feel much better all over, thank you so much ?


I always emerge from a session feeling about 2 inches taller and moving more freely. If you want a pampering sort of massage with lots of scented candles, don’t book in with Tim.  But if you need some serious unknotting of muscles from someone who is both properly qualified and really, really NICE, and are prepared for the fact that it’s probably going to hurt but make you feel marvellous after, you’re in the right place.

Tim’s unique combination and mastery of therapies and skills, coupled with his strength, intuition and dedication makes him the ‘go to’ practitioner for any musculoskeletal issues. I highly recommend Tim and also the Clerkenwellbeing Centre in North London.

Tim has done more to help my back than any-one else in my long life!
I had a programme of therapeutic back massages with Tim. The massages themselves were amazing – quite painful as he went very deep, but then the feeling of release as he untied a knot was incredible. However it was not just the massage that impressed me; I learnt a lot from Tim about how I move and my posture and after each session I walked out feeling so relaxed, but also like I was walking taller and using my body more.
Thank you!