The Honey Healing Method (HHM)

The Honey Healing Method (HHM)

Traumatic experiences and negative feelings can follow you forever, and that’s never a good thing. Even everyday tensions cause problems if they’re swept under the carpet. Surely it’s time to let go of the past and live a happy and positive life?

Unresolved issues and painful memories lead to unhealthy emotional blocks. Stress, anxiety and unhappiness soon follow. You muddle through but your habits and attitudes change as you struggle to cope – and not in a good way.

How HHM helps

  • Less Stress, More Energy: Dwelling on past events or nagging anxieties is stressful and upsetting and leads to exhaustion and illness. HHM helps you to let go and move on.
  • Renew Self Confidence: Emotional blocks affect the way we interact with others and how we see ourselves. Removing them improves our self-image and our relationships with others.
  • Resolve Nagging Doubts: You may simply have a niggling feeling that things aren’t quite right without being able to pinpoint the cause.
  • Take Back Control: Everyday life regularly feels overwhelming. HHM leaves you stronger and more able to cope.

How HHM treatment works

We’ll actually start with a reiki session, followed by the HHM as a standalone, one-off treatment a week later. I also recommend a follow-up reiki session one month later. I find this to be the most effective approach for my clients.

HHM isn’t about discussing memories or feelings. No conversation is needed but you’re welcome to talk if you’d like to. It’s always up to you.

I’ll hold your hand during the HHM session and this is the only physical contact between us. The technique converts your emotions to blocks of energy which you’ll feel in your chest as emotions or pressure. You decide which experiences to release or keep.

The Honey Healing Method can produce a profound and positive transformation, but the extent of the changes may take a while to fully sink in.

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Honey Healing Method Testimonials

I had a great Emotional Realignment Therapy session with Tim. I did had lot of childhood memories coming back and it was fairly easy to release the emotional charge relate. Will advice this experience as I felt I have learn about myself and a way to release.  I did felt very secure and in a very caring place with Tim support during the process. And felt much more light and in peace with myself after the session. Thank you