Exercises & Movements

This page contains links to the exercise blog posts to make them all easier to find.  They are broken down into the areas that they relate to.

The general principle is that these exercises and movements are not meant to create additional pain within your body.  If they do create pain, stop.  I would suggest they are not suitable for you at the moment (depending on what is going on with you) and that you might want to stop and try something less strenuous.

If you are in any doubt as to whether something is suitable for you, please get advice from a Doctor or other medical professional.

Breathing exercises

Part 1 – Blowing out a candle

Part 2 – Head Retraction

Part 3 – Full Brugger

Face and Jaw (tmj) exercises

The “I love you” hold

The Scream

Neck, Shoulder & arm exercises

Upper traps stretch

Lev Scap 1 – The Sniff test

Lev scap 2 – more advanced