TMJ Therapy®

What is TMJ Therapy®?

TMJ Therapy® is a soft tissue approach to assist with symptoms of TemporoMandibular Joint Dysfunction, often referred to as TMJD or TMJ.  It is an approach that takes a whole body approach to the cause of TMJ problems, whilst also addressing the pain and dysfunction.  It uses a blend  of approaches including Myofascial release, specific stretches, muscle energy techniques and other approaches that reduce tension in the muscles and soft tissues.  All of the approaches are light touch techniques and should be tolerable to all.

This approach was developed by Tracey Kiernan of Blend Therapy Training.

Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction

TMJD can have a wide range of symptoms and these can include:

  • Headaches, especially around the temple or ear.
  • Limited mouth opening (Trismus)
  • Clicking or popping on opening or closing.
  • Clenching the jaw or teeth grinding (Bruxism).
  • “Glop in the throat”, the feeling that there is something stuck, but nothing seemingly there.
  • Jaw, face, neck or shoulder aches and pains.
  • Tinnitus.

What happens during a treatment session?

The initial session will include an assessment of your individual needs, looking at the areas of pain and discomfort; an assessment of your general posture.  

Treatment will include soft tissue work both around the head and neck as well as looking at the influence of the pelvis and the whole spine.  The approaches are considered light touch, in that they do not exert strong pressure on the jaw or tissues. 

There may be times during which work is completed inside the mouth (intraorally).  In the Post-Covid-19 world, the appropriate hygiene measures and PPE levels are adhered to. 

What should you wear?

Whilst the majority of the approaches are centred arond the face and neck, access will be needed to the shoulders and upper back, so please be prepared for this.  

Work is on the skin of the face so please remove make-up prior to the appointment. 

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This approach has been created by Tracey Kiernan of Blend Therapy Training and is a registered trademark.

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TMJTherapy® Testimonials


Tim is just fantastic! He understood my pain symptoms in one phone call and treatment began. Prior to him, I saw various consultant neurologists, musculoskeletal specialists for past 4 years & all failed to understand my actual symptoms and pain.
Tim is excellent! Five stars and more.

G Shah