Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release?

Struggling to recover from specific injuries, or worried about daily aches and niggles?  We tend to blame our muscles when the culprit is often the fascia – the network of connective tissue that covers every bone, muscle and organ in the body.

Over time the fascia contracts to support our regular postures and movements.  Our muscles adapt to these changes in the fascial network and this can create imbalances, leading to pain and tension.  Myofascial Release (MFR) effectively eases restrictions in the fascia to restore flexibility and reduce, or even eliminate, pain. 

This blog post has a lot more detailed information on what the Myofascia is and how it can be found throughout the whole body. 

MFR helps in many ways

  • Problems with Posture: Simple, everyday actions like sitting at a computer, driving or sitting awkwardly can lead to a host of long-term issues.
  • Muscular Knots: Tight bands of muscle can be extremely painful. They may also contain trigger points which refer pain elsewhere. For example, a small muscle in the neck can refer pain into the neck, chest, upper back or arm. Referred pain can mimic other conditions such as sinusitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and various back pains.
  • Physical and Emotional Holding Patterns: Adapting your movements to accommodate an injury can become an uncomfortable habit, long after the original problem is resolved. Emotional stress also causes muscle tension which lingers in the fascia long after the situation has passed.
  • Scarring: Accidents and surgical procedures produce scarring, which can tug on the fascia causing more pain – often some distance from the original scar.

What happens during a treatment session?

We’ll start with a quick postural assessment to look at areas of fascial restriction or drag.
Firm, sustained pressure is applied directly to the skin. Oils, including body butter and moisturiser, severely reduce the effectiveness of MFR, so please don’t apply these beforehand. This is also why I don’t use any lotion during an MFR session, unlike a more typical massage.

What should you wear?

Shorts are ideal and ladies should wear a vest top and regular bra, rather than a sports bra.

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Myofascial Release Testimonials

Hi Tim, hope you are well:) just wanted to pop you a message to say a massive thank you! I had MFR with you on my neck a couple of weeks ago (I’m the intensive care nurse). The pain that I was having since April has pretty much disappeared! it’s amazing! I will book in with you again in a few weeks but I just wanted to send my thanks and gratitude. I can’t believe what a difference it’s made!



Tim is just fantastic! He understood my pain symptoms in one phone call and treatment began. Prior to him, I saw various consultant neurologists, musculoskeletal specialists for past 4 years & all failed to understand my actual symptoms and pain.
Tim is excellent! Five stars and more.

G Shah

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for all the treatments over the last few years.  I’m so grateful for your mindful approach, and for having discovered the wonder of Myofascial Release.


Hi Tim, 
Just to let you know you worked miracles on me !
I feel much better all over, thank you so much ?


I didn’t email to thank you on Friday as I wasn’t sure if the relief was only temporary. But I write this on Monday afternoon and so far so good! Still slightly tingly in my fingers but the intense pain has gone and I have been sleeping much better. And I have stopped taking the powerful painkillers.

So thank you so much for your healing hands – they have really helped me when I was feeling desperate.


Tim’s unique combination and mastery of therapies and skills, coupled with his strength, intuition and dedication makes him the ‘go to’ practitioner for any musculoskeletal issues.

Myofascial Release is genius! Feel like I have a new shoulder! Thank u! Only another 50 niggles 4u 2work on.

Thank you for today’s session. I feel fantastic.  I came to see Tim for help with neck and shoulder pain and headaches. Tim introduced me to Myofascial Release as a powerful technique for releasing tension patterns in the body.

I left the session feeling stretched out, unwound and comfortable in my body for the first time in a long time. I only wish I’d been to see him earlier! I highly highly recommend his skilful work for anyone suffering from physical discomfort.


I have just had a Myofascial treatment with Tim …… I am floating As a breast cancer patient who has had a mastectomy and reconstruction there is a LOT of scar tissue inside to be worked on ! Since I have been lucky enough to receive treatment from Tim I can honestly say I feel soooo much calmer inside, my reconstructed breast is starting to feel more a part of me….that’s 4 years on from surgery ! Receiving treatment from Tim is an amazing experience…. He totally gets and understands the patient he is treating inside and out ! Tim is an exceptional therapist that words cannot express highly enough…. You need to experience one of the many treatments Tim is skilled at to know what I truly mean. Tim has a true gift, I totally recommend you give yourself a treat and book a session with the wonderful Tim Harwood x
Sherri, Breast Cancer Survivor