I had such a great time at the weekend: I escaped London to the wet, windy wilds of Wiltshire and the warm welcome of my Reiki Master/Teacher Dr Karen Janes (Natural Healing Energy). It was going to be a wonderful break away from London and also a chance to catch up with old friends and meet someone I had only met via the wonders of the Interweb. I also got to spend time with a pair of beautiful dogs, and eat some wonderful food.

Bryn, asleep on his sofa

I have known Karen for approximately 20 years and she and I shared a house when I first moved to London. We then bought a house with Jim Honey.  Jim introduced me to Reiki, attuned me to Reiki and the Honey Healing Method, before he moved away.

Juno’s head

In the last year Karen has been training with Chyna Honey, author of the Understanding Reiki blog and, more importantly, the Understanding Reiki book. With this training Karen has significantly changed how she teaches Reiki. Last Summer, I sat in on, and helped mentor, one of Karen’s Reiki level 1 courses, and this year Karen has started to teach the Reiki level 2 course. She invited me, my significant other, Peter (who was on the same Reiki Master/Teacher course as me), and Claudia (who was the one who I only knew via the interweb) to a Reiki 2 weekend.

Eggs for breakfast, and a hopeful Bryn

We were very fortunate that Chyna and Jim Honey decided to come over to teach this course. I have known Jim for many years, but have not seen him since he moved to the USA six years ago, and it was wonderful to see him again. I was also really fortunate to get a treatment from him too (an amazing experience).

Coffee, but lots of plain water was drunk this weekend.

It was the most amazing, awesome, fun, tiring, exhilarating, “oh!” filled, friendly and informative weekend I’ve had in a long time. Chyna is an amazing teacher and the information she shared about Reiki and the Symbols in particular was awesome. The group also allowed us to go to so many different areas as there was a large amount of knowledge in the room.


I am still processing exactly what I learnt over the weekend and it will probably become a part of another blog post. But the new information that Chyna has taught me is profoundly different to what I have been taught before and IT MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE about what Reiki can and can’t do. I am now likely to be working on what I need to do to change the way that I teach Reiki.

Juno’s wonderful tail

So at this point in time I would say that if you are interested in Reiki, or are a Reiki practitioner (no matter what level), that you pick up a copy of Understanding Reiki by Chyna Honey and read it.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.


PS. Chyna, this is a start on me writing about Reiki.