Welcome to another collection of my photos! So the penultimate month of 2021, and the theme this month was Rainbow month.  This is a perennial favourite of the FMS PaD community, and a chance ot bring some colour to the internet.

1st Nov – White

This is the central tower of Fort Gray, Guernsey, glowing in the sunshine against a bright blue sky and interesting clouds.

2nd Nov – Black

A black cat still on the prowl after Halloween.

3rd Nov – Green

A green balloon dog seen at Covent Garden.  It is by the artist called “Whatsisname” and they must be heavily influenced by Jeff Koons.

4th Nov – Red

The back of a red balloon dog by Whatshisname

5th Nov – Orange

And an orange balloon dog.

6th Nov – Blue

Blue sky as seen from underneath a pylon at the Wetlands.

7th Nov – Yellow

And we have the fourth colour of balloon dogs by Whatshisname, this called Down dog.

8th Nov – Purple

A purple notebook and pen.

I was slightly taken a back when this was chosen on Instagram as one of the Fab Four.

9th Nov – Aqua

An aqua coloured sea at Moulin Huet on Guernsey.  The frame relates to the fact that Renoir painted a number of paintings in the area and the frames  show where they were painted from.

10th Nov – Pink

Pink lotus flower, seen at Kew Gardens earlierr this year.

11th Nov – Grey

Fort Grey on Guernsey, has a white central tower that looks very grey on a grey day.

12th Nov – Brown

Autumn is here, and the leaves are turning to shades of brown, the sunshine caught this plane tree leaf just beautifully.

13th Nov – Pop of Colour

This lady in her bright pink dress really caught the eye and brought a splash of colour to the grey London streets.

14th Nov – Stripes

One of the new buildings in Clerkenwell has this rather unusual tiled piece of artwork on its wall.  I really don’t know hte significance of the sailing ships, but the stripes came in handy.

15th Nov – Floral

This amazing piece of art is Blackfield, by Zadok Ben-David, part of his Natural Reserve exhibition at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery.  Stunning, laser etched flowers black on one side and handpainted in full colour on the other.   There are apparently 17,000 of them.

16th Nov – One colour

This year’s Christmas Cake made and the brown looked lovely against the brown of the work surface.

17th Nov – Two Colours

These flowers hang above an alleyway in Covent Garden, and there are other colours but managed to catch a photo with just two lcolours in it.

18th Nov – Pattern

A quintessentialaly London pattern: one of London Undergrounds fabrics.  This one can be found on the Victoria and Jubilee lines.

19th Nov – Black & White

So, I love Star Wars and lego, so had to get some, and look the Stormtroopers and Tie fighter pilot were just right for the prompt.

20th Nov – Rainbow

A quick dip into the archives brought this sequinned rainbow that could be found above Carnaby Street in June 2021.

I was delighted that this photo was picked as one of the Fab Four in the Facebook group.

21st Nov – On my head

I don’t like to wear anything on my head, except my halo.

22nd Nov – On my feet

Autumn means the boots come out, and how could I resist taking a photo against the amazing yellow leaves.

This was chosen as one of the Fab Four.  Whilst I don’t always know if one of my photos will be picked,  I was fairly certain it would stand a good chance because of the colourful leaves and it being Colour Month.

23rd Nov – My fave colour

How could I not love a blue sky, and blue is a colour I do love.

24th Nov – Matching

More Lego Star Wars figures to the rescue, this time the bright red Sith troopers.

25th Nov – Natural

Natural leaves turning golden.

26th Nov – Dark

It gets a bit dark when the halo slips…

27th Nov – Light

A cube shaped light hung above the foyer of the hotel I stayed at for Therapy Expo in Birmingham.

28th Nov – Pastel

I do love cyclamen, and these ones at Kew were just gorgeous. Especially against the grey of the concrete.

29th Nov – Bright

Taken at the Kew Christmas lights, a brightly coloured display of lights. 

Absolutely delighted that this was chosen for a Fab Four on the fms.photoaday Instagram group.

30th Nov – Gold

Gold of a light reflector and a ring light.  I’m not really a fan of “gold” as I generally prefer silver things.

So that’s it for yet another month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was delighted to have been chosen as one of the Fab Four a few times this month, both in the facebook group and on instagram, which is always a surprise and and honour.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. Although I have taken most of these phoptos to my “personal account”.  There will be another summary of my photos next month.  I am also aiming to take part in Susannah Conway‘s December Reflections for the fifth year running.  I plan to put the bits together in a blog so keep following.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,