Welcome to another collection of my photos!  After the “simplicity” of October’s Rainbow month of colours, we returned to a more normal month of challenging prompts.  It was made slightly trickier as I was really busy with courses and a conference.

November 1st – Morning Sky

So, typically, the morning sky  was a flat grey when I woke up on 1st November… later it started raining… So I had to dip into my archives to find this lovely view out of my spare bedroom window from a couple of weeks ago.


November 2nd – I want

I want to be in so many places, looking at so many things, that I really don’t know what I want….

I want to take so many courses, return to Sedona for more treatment and learning…
I want to have an organised (and self cleaning) house with no builders…
I want to be able to travel where I want with out fear that my SO and I will be targeted by hatred, and that the locals will also be able to love whomever they chose… 
I want a world that isn’t destroying itself…


November 3rd – I have

I have a job that I enjoy…
I have a wonderful new shower that hits the top of my 6ft 4inch frame (yay) in a new bathroom…
I have a roof over my head, full of wonderful books and other possessions I may forget to be fully grateful for.
I have a wonderfully supportive S.O., family, friends and the PaD community…

So, I have so much to be thankful for… Here’s the shower to show all of that…


November 4th – I need

Something for the cider induced headache I felt that morning….

It was a lovely evening out with friends the previous night, but I was off to assist with the MFR UK Level 2 course, and I needed to not have a headache… I could also have done with more sleep, coffee and lots of water, but I couldn’t think how to photograph them…


November 5th – Fave fruit

Dried and in a cake, are grapes that also get turned into wine… Yes, this is my Christmas cake (I made this at the end of October as November is such a busy month, and it needs to get fed)

I don’t really have a favourite fruit, I love rhubarb, gooseberries and Victoria plums, all of which are out of season… Hence the off the wall take on the prompt…  I’ve been told that my favourite fruits are “old fashioned”, which I really don’t understand.


November 6th – Strong

Strong as spidersilk, which is apparently as strong as steel.  I was surprised that there were no comments from the arachnophobes…


November 7th – In my kitchen

The piles of dirty bowls after making the Christmas cake.  To be honest, I’ve not really had time to be in the kitchen recently and on the day of this prompt, I’d made a cup of coffee and poured some muesli out.


November 8th – This Rules!

Money seems to rule the world.  I’m not entirely sure I’m completely happy with that, although it is more the desire and acquisitiveness of money that leads to so many things wrong in the world.

I know that the person setting the prompts was going for things that we love, but… I couldn’t think of anything.


November 9th – Pale

My pale legs… being a red head these don’t get much of a tan, but with being a yoga teacher they get exposed more and more… 


November 10th – Big

On the way to a Myofascial Release UK (MFR UK)  course, this big bird graces an office block near Warren Street.


November 11th – Small

A small yellow duck has escaped from a key chain and enjoying the damp weather.


November 12th – Imperfect Pic

My phone camera had a bit of a fit and produced this (after a reboot) so not sure what happened, but it was perfect for this prompt.


November 13th – View for the Day

My first day in Berlin, and attending a course on TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) treatments, and this was the view I had most of the day.  The other view was looking down on some’s face as I put my fingers in their mouths… not so photogenic.


November 14th – Gorgeous

This was a piece of street art that I passed each day on my way to the International Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, and it was stunning.  There was lots and lots of gorgeous street art in Berlin, and this was a favourite.

So stunning that it was chosen as a Fab Four for this day.


November 15th – Walk

Walk when you’re told to, especially in a foreign city and the cars are on the opposite side of the road, and you’re not sure if there are any rules against it.


November 16th – Clouds

No clouds in Berlin on the day I needed them*, so I had to dip into the archive for early morning clouds over London.

*We had mostly beautiful blue skies on the days I was having a city break.


November 17th – Someone you love

This was tricky as I love my SO, but he doesn’t like having his photo taken.  I also love this photo I took of my mother last year at the Kew Christmas lights, my poor father is obscured by the rather large bunch of mistletoe (but he was quite happy about that).


November 18th – Action shot

So this was going to be a tricky one as I was away and not with a camera that I could adjust the shutter speed… But the Christmas markets were all being set up in Berlin so the action I saw was setting things up, such as this Christmas tree.

Another option was photographs of the plaster drying in my bathroom, but thought that would be taking it too far.


November 19th – Beautiful landscape

Berlin’s Tiergarten was in fine autumnal display, although it didn’t come out in the original photo (so I added a filter to make it pop a bit)


November 20th – Limited edition

Using Berlin’s street art again, this is a Fin Dac (apparently) and is going to be very limited as people seem to be trying to peel it off the building.


November 21st – Eat

Having just returned from Berlin, I had nothing in the house to eat, so had to dip into the archive for a picture of a lovely red squirrel having a quick bite to eat. 


November 22nd – Sleep

I would like to have a lot more at the moment, still recovering from Berlin, and whilst this was faked, it was really hard to get back up again.


November 23rd – Create

Create flights of fantasy, me inspired by the graffiti of Berlin. This was as creative as I could be today.


November 24th – An Empty Road

A tunnel under the railway near to Bethnal Green, looking nice and moody.


November 25th – Golden Hour

Golden Hour is the time, about an hour before sunset or after sunrise, when the sun’s light comes at an angle that makes things glow.  I wasn’t able to get anywhere to take photos in that hour, so decided to go very left-field and have a golden hour divider: a clock face inside the Nikolaikirche in Berlin.


November 26th – Building

Again, using a photo recently taken in Berlin, this is the new wing of the Jewish Museum in Berlin.  The building is only accessible via a tunnel from the original museum, and everything about it is designed to make you uncomfortable.  There are only small slashes of windows, floors are not horizontal, walls lean, and it is utterly brilliant.  Unfortunately for me the main exhibition was closed due to a refit.


November 27th – Fave vegetable

I like to buy seasonally, and have access to a wonderful Farmers’ Market, so currently the humble brussell sprout, which are much-maligned, is one of my favourite vegetables.  Others include Kale (I liked it before it was fashionable) and purple sprouting broccoli.  At other times of the year there is asparagus, fresh peas, broad beans, sweetcorn and runner beans.  Pretty much anything other than cooked root vegetables.


November 28th – I love this about me

Oh, this was a tricky prompt…  What *do* I love about myself?  Then create/take a photo that shows this?!  It took a while and ultimately I tried to say that I love my mind:  It is always learning new things, in fact it grumbles if I don’t; I can remember lots of the stuff that I learn (as well as lots of trivial stuff, except sports information); it takes me on flights of fantasy; it can have conversations with itself about all sorts of situations and if you could hear it sometimes it sounds a bit nuts.


November 29th – A drink

A small glass of Blackberry whisky…

This is homemade, and done in the same approach as sloe gin, except with blackberries… and whisky…


November 30th – Vanilla

I do love custard, but I do prefer the cheap old Bird’s custard powder, not sure it’s seen any vanilla pods ever, but then it tastes wonderful.


So that’s it for another month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was so delighted to have been chosen as one of the Fab Four this month, and it was wonderfully unexpected. 

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.  I am also aiming to take part in Susannah Conway‘s December Reflections for the third year running.  I shared this last year and may do so again, depending on how things take me.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,