Welcome to the May collection of my photos.  I survived food month, and so pleased that it’s over.  This month we return to a more randome selection of photos. .

I do hope you enjoy these photos, as I know that they are not exactly normal to be included on a wellness blog, but they are a way that I care for myself.

1st May – This is Me

Nothing terribly special about this, but this is me.  This was chosen as one of the Sensational Sixteen on the Instagram FMS account, which was delightful.

For those that like the images in the background, they are Quotes by Neil Gaiman illustrated by artists (mostly Dave Mack) and they can be purchased from Neverwear.net

2nd May –  Good Morning

Not really a morning person.

At least not until I’ve had plenty of coffee.

3rd May – Free Choice

Free choice is quite a difficult prompt, but as it is Gosling season at the Walthamstow Wetlands, I chose a favourite photo from my trip on that that day.

4th May – Trees

I love woodlands, and I love loooking up into the tree canopy.

Delighted that this was chosen as one of hte Sensational Six in the facebook group.  It was also chosen as one of the Fab four by the Instagram account. 

5th May – Mirrors

Mirrors reflecting the stained glass in my front door.

Delighted that this was chosen as one of the Fab Five for today.

6th May – Leaf

A leaf uncurling, amongst other sticky ones on my sundew (Drosera Aliacae)

7th May – View from here

The view from my kitchen sink, out over my garden.

8th May – Love

Love it when the sun shines and you can put the washing out to dry.

9th May – A seat

A bright red child seat left on the pavement.

10th May – Where I stood

Where I stood waiting for a train, getting slightly wet in the unexpected precipitation.  Unexpected in as much as it wasn’t in the forecast.

11th May – Something Small

A dandelion seed.

12th May – In Nature

Spring’s colours are blooming. A blue bell wood in full glory.

13th May – Green

Fresh green mint leaves.

14th May – Sunshine

Sun through the trees

15th May – Upside Down

A fuzzy, buzzy, bumble bee hanging upside down from a flower.

16th May – This season

This season is full of colour, another view of the bluebell wood, with fresh green leaves.

Delighted that this was chosen as one of the Fab Four for this prompt

17th May – A shape

This shape is likely to be everywhere at the moment in the UK.

18th May – Door

A blue door, that can be found at the Wetlands Centre

19th May – Creative

Always a bit strange to think of something “Creative” for a prompt like this, and feeling uncreative, the best I can do is to play around with a photo, going for an Andy Warhol type idea.  The orginal photo of a sarracenia flower is top left.

20th May – I read this…

I read this on my commute to work.  Currently reading “The Breathing Cure” by Patrick McKeown.

Yes, I do prefer books, but sometimes a Kindle is handy.

21st May – Waves

Very few waves in London, so a quick dive into the archives.

22nd May – Flying

A common tern flying through the air at the Walthamstow Wetlands.

23rd May – Stairs

Some stairs with a leaning wall.

24th May – A pair

A pair of Crested Grebes at the Walthamstow Wetlands.

25th May – Something Warm

My dinner was warm enough to melt the cheese, in fact it was quite hot.

26th May – Pink

A pale pink rose, with rain drops.

27th May – Lucky 

Lucky to have the Walthamstow Wetlands within walking distance, and lucky to live in London.

28th May – Horizon

London doesn’t really allow easy views of the horizon, so thankfully the Wetlands has wide views.

29th May –  A Car

I don’t own a car, but I can drive. So a slightly difficult prompt.  But the Batmobile to the rescue.

30th May – Sky

It was a slightly stormy sky on the day before the prompt when I took this, although we had lots of rain on the day of the prompt. But very dull skies.

31st May – This is also me

This is me waiting to run the online yoga class, catching both the camera and the reflection in my laptop.

Bonus photo

Yes, well… probably the less said about this the better.  This is a still from one of my videos demonstrating an exercise.  Really need to workout how to change the thumbnails…

So that was May and it was a challenge at times.  However, I was delighted to be picked for a Fab Four photo not once or twice but three times, and twice in the Instagram group..  Being picked is a real honour, but it is not truly why I take part in this challenge: it’s about improving my photographic skills.  There will be many more photos on Instagram and another collection next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,