So after the progressive nature of Alphabet month, we return to a more normal month of random prompts. The prompts are set by the wonderful Chantelle who blogs as Fat Mum Slim.  I’m sure that they are getting harder, but that might also be beacuse this has been a daily fixture of my Instagram feed (search for #FMSPAD) since January 2017.

It has been a wonderful community to join in with and there are some very talented photographers and artists taking part in it.  I was very saddened this month as it was announced that one of the members of the group had suddenly died.  I was moved to tears on reading the news, even though I had not met the wonderful Gab in person, we’d exchanged comments and encouragement very frequently.  The group shared a very lovely outpouring of emotions with some very wonderful tributes paid to her.  She will be missed

May 1st – Something good…

The sight of a blue sky, the warmth of the sun and the promise of the blossom on my apple trees…  After the grey and cold of this long drawn out year, the sight of blue sky was a most delightful change, and I always love seeing fruit blossom.


May 2nd – Colour

Of tulips, daffodils, a palm and the blue sky…  Taken at Osborne House, Isle of Wight


May 3rd – On my plate

My to do list…  As I really don’t do food photography and I’m eating on the run today there were no great photo opportunities…  So I’ve taken a slight sideways approach to the prompt.


May 4th – What I see..

Is a mischievous, grinning chair that I’m not sure I’d trust with my backside…


May 5th – Earth

Leave nothing but footprints… Take nothing but photos…

A dog’s pawprint left in the mud of Newtown Nature Reserve, Isle of Wight.


May 6th – Something yellow

A dandelion photobombs my picture of Star of Bethlehems (Ornithogalums).  I found these in a grass verge on my way to Stanmore Chiropratic Clinic


May 7th – Small

An unwanted insect, ironically sitting (and attacking) one of my insect eating plants.


May 8th – I enjoy…

Getting my hands dirty, with soil under my nails…

I usually have really clean hands as a Massage therapist so it is wonderful to get away from that, and I love gardening too…


May 9th – Looking down…

Poetry outside my local train station.  Thankfully early enough to stop and snap this picture…


May 10th – Throwback

To my favourite Facebook profile picture, a detail of a bench at the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice.

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to go to my physical photos and get something truly embarrassing….


May 11th – Clean

Bubbles on my bath lily…


May 12th – Shape

Of a ship, a silhouette from the Mary Rose museum.


May 13th – Family

of a Fascial kind.  I was at the British Fascia Symposium when this prompt came up.  This wonderful crowd have all trained  in the USA with John F Barnes, and a small selection of the wider fascial family I feel I am a part of.

OK, this is one of the first cheats I’ve submitted as I didn’t take this photo.


May 14th – Late

A camellia flower, fallen in its entirity, and so past its best.  Still beauty in it.

A friend thought this was made of crisps, which would please another friend.


May 15th – I wish…

I wish that this allium was actually covered in bees, rather than this solitary one.  I also wish I had alliums as beautiful in my garden.


May 16th – Speed

The speed of a blue tit just taking off.  I was hoping to take a photo of the blue tit sitting on the rope, but no it took of just as I pressed the button.  I did manage to capture this though.


May 17th – Kind

This kind of orchid is a Bletilla Striata, and it is a hardy orchid that will, hopefully, survive in my garden.


May 18th – Doors & Windows

Taken on Metropolitan line tube train on my way to Stanmore, I realised that there was no one else opposite.  I also took an unintentional selfie, which someone thought was a very subtle stalker shot…


May 19th – Breathtaking

The way that the Mary Rose is displayed in it’s specially built museum is completely breathtaking.  The first sight of this ship was amazing.

I grew up when this ship was being excavated from the seabed and I watched with most of the UK as it was lifted in one large piece in 1982.  Finally getting to see it was amazing.


May 20th – In my kitchen

These lovely ripe tomatoes, just bought at the local Farmers’ market.  Rinsed and glistening in the sunshine.

This picture was chosen to be one of the Sensational Six for this prompt, which was totally unexpected.


May 21st – A good read

I love to read and I own soooo many books (never too many, I just don’t have enough book shelves).  This series is by one of my favourite authors, Tad Williams.


May 22nd – Creative

Creative…?!?  Not me, really.  So I need a bit of Blue Sky thinking to get the solution.

Sorry, I know it’s a bad joke, but the best I could come up with.


May 23rd – Pet

Having lost my furry companion of 17 years last year, seeing this prompt come up was a bit challenging, and I didn’t want to be terribly awkward posting a picture of him.  I was delighted to be greeted by this lovely cat after a wonderful Myofascial Release treatment* today from the lovely Astrid, and she was more than happy for me to take and use a photo of her cat.


*See I do practice what I preach and get treatments.

May 24th – A really great day

How on earth do you photograph “A really great day”?!  It depends on the day I guess: Any walk in the Newtown Nature Reserve, on the Isle of Wight, is always a great day: it’s where I like to go to “be windswept”.  The waterfront is normally windy and that clears the cobwebs from the mind.  The last time I went we had the wonderful surprise of stumbling across a patch of Early Purple Orchids in the woods. They were blooming earlier than I would normally expect, and there were no signs of any others around, but we saw (and photographed) these beauties.


May 25th – oops

At the Garlic Farm there are lovely red squirrels (the native variety that has been virtually wiped out by the grey squirrel).  The first day we were there we were treated to a red squirrel coming down to feed, and I had the camera ready but on the wrong setting: all the photos were blurred.  The Squirrel left, I noticed what I had done, and quietly wailed*, but fortunately he came back and I got some lovely photos.

My Significant Other charitably described this as “fluid Squirrel” as it shows the constant movement, so here’s a fortuitous interpretation of a mistake.


*There might have been a few choice words.

May 26th – Macro

This is the detail of one of the bearded irises in my garden.  The light was lovely and really made the yellow fluffy bits glow.

I love taking macro shots, and would really love to get a proper macro lens (but can’t justify the expense) so I have magnifying glasses that attach to the front of my lens.


May 27th – Garden

This is a view of my garden as it was today, very lush looking and it is a real oasis of calm.


May 28th – Make

I’m not terribly crafty (with sticking and sewing) but I can make something nice from these ingredients.


May 29th – People

People walking through the Greenwich Foot tunnel.

To be honest, I really don’t like taking photographs of people.  I would much rather wait until there is a gap, or take a photo above their heads, as I am normally trying to photograph the architecture or the view behind them.


May 30th – Silhouette

A silhouette of a statue of a lady riding a horse that belonged to Queen Victoria and is now on display at Osborne House, Isle of Wight.


May 31st – Temptation

“I can resist anything, except temptation” said Oscar Wilde.  I would also say that an open bag of peanut M&Ms is also something I can’t resist.  The observant will notice that this bag is still closed, so that’s how I managed to not open it and put it back in the cupboard.


So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I am absolutely delighted to have had a photo chosen as one of the “fabbers”, especially as it was a completely impromptu photo with my phone and nothing special.

So the deluge of photos continues over on Instagram, and I’m not sure if I should also share them via my twitter feed and maybe my facebook feed… let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,