I am writing this on International Women’s Day, as I realise that I have been oh so fortunate to have worked in situations dominated by women.  Being surrounded by excellent managers, bosses, teachers and colleagues, who happened to be women, has had a profound affect on how I have developed.  They have all helped me to develop and grow to be a better person.  I will say a huge thank you to each and everyone of them for being such a positive influence on me.

I worked for many years in Retail and my first bosses were women, who were very knowledgeable in running a successful business and running motivated teams of people of both sexes.  Thank you to Liz, Helen, Jane, and Sarah.

Then when I moved into IT I was also managed by capable, knowledgeable and successful women.  Each helped me to grow and develop my skills and one in particular I credit with my shift into my current career.  Thank you to Sarah, Bunty, Zoe, Tracey and Valerie.

It was my last manager in the Telecom’s IT world who identified that my brain needs to be learning new things (which is part of the reason I read so many books, and attend so many courses) and helped me to attend my evening classes in massage, which paved the way to where I am now.  Thank you Valerie.

Whilst the Sports and Remedial Massage course I attended was mainly run by men, there were some very knowledgeable women who taught on the course and were so generous in sharing their skills, knowledge, experience and support.

Since qualifiying I have spent many workshops with the wonderful Ruth Duncan and Linda Currie of Myofasical Release (MFR) UK, and have learnt so much from these two amazing women.  I have also been so fortunate to meet, work with, and learn from so many other female practitioners.  There are too many wonderul therapists to name you all, but thank you especially to  Karen, Claire, Astrid, Sharon, Helen, Jennifer, Yvonne, Nur, Nikki, Jenny, Sally and Kiryet.  I have also met so many more wonderful teachers, thank you Joanne, Carol, Jan, and Tracey.

I will also thank the owners and practitioners of the Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinic, thank you to Charlotte, Shaheeda, Francesca and Brenda (of course).

I have also been so fortunate to learn yoga from an amazing team of female teachers, thank you to Anne-Marie, Lisa, Cara, Sarah, and Bridget.

In the Reiki world I have to thank Tiffany, Karen, Claudia and Chyna for all their amazing teaching.

This is only in my professional life and there have been so many more amazing and wonderful women who have helped me on my journey around the sun and there are too many to mention.

But thank you to all of the wonderful women (especially my mother) who have influenced me massively.  This is only one day where you are given credit, but you are held high in my esteem and thanks throughout all days of the year.


A few of the women who have shaped me on my professional journey.

Helen, Sharon, Jennifer and I in Cape Cod

Astrid, Nikki, Ruth, Linda and I at the International Fascial Research Congress in Berlin 2018.

Joanne Avison and I, at Dundee

Francesca, Susan and I, in Dundee

Carol Davis, Ruth Duncan and I, in Dundee

Claire, Ruth and I

Thanks for reading this my lovely Interonauts.



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