Welcome to this month’s Photo-a-Day collection.

There is no overarching theme for this month, so just a collection of photos.

1st Feb – I am grateful for this

A model of the moon, floats inside a building with a highly painted ceiling.

I am grateful for many things, but couldn’t think of any that I could depict in a photograph.  So I chose Artists, I am grateful to Artists for creating things that I can enjoy.  This was the Museum of the Moon when it was at the Painted Hall, Old Royal Navel College, Greenwich.

2nd Feb – My favourite animal

A fox lies curled up within green leaves, and is looking towards the camera.

I hate choosing “Favourites” for these prompts, as I tend to enjoy most things.  But this fox won out as a slight favourite. 

It was a favourite with the people choosing the Fab Four as it was chosen for the FB group. 

3rd Feb – Clouds

Blue sky with clouds, the sun is setting making the sky a deeper blue and the horizon darker.

I love clouds, especially when they’re looking interesting like this.  This was taken at the Walthamstow Wetlands.

4th Feb – Inside a store

Orchids of many colours, within a shop, and a sign hangs saying Orchids

There were orchids everywhere in the Kew Shop, but then it was the first day of the Orchid Festival.

5th Feb – On my plate

An egg frittata sits on a plate against a wooden background

I make a frittata each week (The recipe is here) for my lunches, and this was the one I’d made that week.

6th Feb – A rectangle

A wall of brightly coloured rectangles in red, yellow and blue colours.

Rectangles everywhere, and this brightly coloured wall was found near the Barbican Centre on my way home from work.

7th Feb – Something white

A white porcelain jug against a white background.

Just a white jug, nothing special about it. Other than we use it very regularly for gravy.

8th Feb – Floating

A cormorant swimming in still water, it is reflected in the water, and it leaves a wake

A cormorant floating in the water at the Walthamstow Wetlands

9th Feb – Something in nature

A robin sits on a brangh, looking to the left with its red breast clearly shown.

Too many photos to choose from for this one, but its the time of year when the Robins at the Walthamstow Wetlands get fairly tame as they’re hoping that our feet disturb worms and insects for them.

10th Feb – A corner

Looking up the corner of a building clad with silvery sheets of metal, black gaps where the windows are.

Looking up at the corner of a building at Broadgate, as I head to work.  This was chosen as one of the Fab Five photos for this prompt.

11th Feb – This has wheels

A view of the barbican towes, there is a bicycle crossing the street, the ground is wet so you can see a reflection of the bike's wheel.

There are so many wheels around the place in London, but I liked this view of a bicycle taken last year when it was warmer and just after a rain shower. 

12th Feb – A mirror

A small, shield shaped mirror is suspended between two white wings, a man in a pink shirt is reflected in the  mirror.

A winged mirror that was at God’s Own Junkyard last time I went, took ages to get the reflection of me just right.

13th Feb – Begins with B

A view up a tower block, with sharp angular projections on the right hand side.

I love the brutalism of the Barbican towers, and the sharp shapes of their balconies always remind me of the transverse processes of the spine (sigh, I really need to get out more)

14th Feb – Love is…

A rolo (type of chocolate sweet) sits within a foil heart, the edges curled to show the golden side.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, “Love is giving someone your last rolo” was the advertising catchphrase that stuck with me…

Absolutely delighted that it was chosen as a Fab Five for Valentine’s day.

15th Feb – On a shelf

Old books arranged haphazardly on a shelf.

It had to be books, as they fill most of the shelves in my house.

16th Feb – Money

Close up of two twenty pound notes, the holographic panels lhave a rainbow coloured look.

I do need to work out how to make money look more photogenic.

17th Feb – See-through

Close up of a twenty pound note, focusing on a transparent window, through which the word "Money" from a dictionary can be seen.

The new pound notes are plastic, which allows them to have see through panels. The new twenty pound note has a cute window as one of the transparent bits.

18th Feb – A game

Black and white chess pieces (Pawns, Queens and King) are arranged against the chess board as a backdrop.

Chess is a game that I own, rarely play (I prefer computer games) and have never mastered.

19th Feb – On Sundays I…

A hand holds a partially consumed back and egg sandwhich.

Sundays are a lazy start, with more time given to breakfast.  Which means that there is time for a bacon and egg sandwich.

20th Feb – A product I love…

Two bottles stand next to each other, one has a pipette resting on its open top.

Oh, so difficult to work out how to photograph something without it looking too much like an advert.

But, since growing the beard I’ve tried a number of beard oils, and these from Norse are lovely and not too overpowering.

21st Feb – An insect

A shiny green beetle covered in pollen is climbing over a white flower.

Trying to keep away from spiders for this one.  Also difficult that as it is winter there aren’t that many insects around, so it was a dip into the archive to last summer when I spotted this magnificent Rosy Cockchafer at the Walthamstow Wetlands.

22nd Feb – Not mine

Side view of a statue of a woman's face, where the edges are leaves blowing away in a wind.

She’s not mine, but oh how I would love to own her.  This wonderful statue (Leaf Spirit) can be found at Kew Gardens, and I visit her each time.  She’s so well sited there and it changes with each season.

I was delighted when this was chosen as one of the Sensational Six in the FB grounp.

23rd Feb – This makes life easier

A view along an empty train.  The rubber join between two carriages form an arch over the view down the carriages.

Public transport makes my life easier, but then I am fortunate enough to live and work in London.  So I don’t own a car and would be stuck without these trains.

The new trains on the London Overground make it even easier.

24th Feb – On the line

A black and white pied wagtail bird is standing on a piece of railway track

There are a number of pied wagtails at Walthamstow Central, and this one decided to stand on the line.

25th Feb – A tree from below

A view looking up the rough trunk of a London plane tree, it's bare branches create a jagged pattern against the grey sky

One of the fabulous trees at Kew Gardens.  This was a London Plane tree, and the bare branches are just wonderful.

26th Feb – Pasta

An open packet of linguine, which can be read upside-down on the blue packet

Mmmm, pasta.  Yes, this is one of my favourite food stuffs. 

27th Feb – A tool

Black and white image looking down the handle of a hammer at the clawed head

Oh, the selection on just one tool? And make it look photogenic?  I’ll try my best.

28th Feb – So cute!

A pied wagtail (black and white bird) standing on the top of a concrete post

Oh, I never know what cute is, but I do love watching the pied wagtails.  This one posed nicely for me at Walthamstow Central station.

So another month of photos completed, and I was honoured to have a photo of mine chosen as a Fab Four four times throughout the month.  This is always a pleasure to have a picture catch the moderators eye enough to be highlighted.  It isn’t really the reason I take part in this group, although I admit I get a thrill when I do get picked, and I feel that it does help to improve my skills as I look to see what has been chosen and see if I can workout how the photos were taken.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this still very random blog post.

Thanks for reading