Welcome to the first of my monthly Photo-a-Day collections. The prompts are set by the wonderful Chantelle who blogs as Fat Mum Slim.  This has been a daily fixture of my Instagram feed since January 2017(search for #FMSPAD). It has been a wonderful community to join in with and there are some very talented photographers and artists taking part in it.

Before Christmas I was sharing the December Reflections photographs, which are more thought provoking, whereas these are often less deep and are as best an interpretation of the prompt as I can manage. Sometimes I’m struck with a more philosophical response, whilst other times I’m not. I hope you enjoy them all.

Jan 1st – I am here…

my little oasis of a garden. Not looking at it’s best, but still nice and green.

Jan 2nd – Yellow

The lid of a jar that’s shaped like a Licorice Allsort… I love licorice, but I know it’s not to everyone’s taste

Jan 3rd – On the floor

A yoga mat, with my feet upon it.

Jan 4th – Plain

paper, waiting for something to be written…

Jan 5th – Stacked

Stones of a dry-stone wall… with moss and other bits of nature to soften it.

Jan 6th – My Happy place

Can be anywhere, but if I’m learning and looking at art it’s probably going to be making me happy. This is the British Museum.

Jan 7th – Light

a candle or five.

Jan 8th – Splendid

A tricky prompt, but a splendid peacock I saw a couple of years ago at the Christmas at Kew event.

Jan 9th – Everyday moments

Making coffee (most important everyday moment). Ok, so maybe I don’t grind coffee everyday.

Jan 10th – I like this

A sculpture of hare jumping over a bell. By Barry Flanagan, at Broadgate Circle. I’ve only just twigged it’s a Harebell….

Jan 11th – Me

Just me

Jan 12th – Sweet

A nice yellow throat lozenge, that I bought in Sedona last year

Jan 13th – Floral

An Algerian Iris (I. Unguicularis) in flower on my garden. Adding a welcome splash of colour at this time of year.

Jan 14th – Faceless portrait

Just me, on the mat, doing yoga…

Jan 15th – New

New notebooks, useful for planning yoga classes, note taking during class or just keeping track of thoughts.

Jan 16th – Wall

Covered in moss. Spotted on my way to the Stanmore Clinic. Yes, this is by the main Uxbridge Road and I’m sure there were a number of drivers thinking “what on earth is he doing…”

Jan 17th – Thoughtful

…packaging of a purchase from Amy T. Won

Jan 18th – Cool

A frost trimmed leaf…

Jan 19th – Paper

An origami lotus flower I made from Kitchen Roll for a prompt last year…

Jan 20th – Reflection

Light reflecting off a vase to show the texture of the table…

Jan 21st – Day off

It wasn’t a day off for me (as I was on a Reiki course in Wiltshire), but I have spent many days wondering around the British Museum.

Jan 22nd – Scenic

Fountain’s Abbey, Yorkshire is a wonderful place that is so scenic, and touches my soul in a wonderful place. This was taken from the archive as I was struggling to make London look scenic…

Jan 23rd – Yum!

A lovely eggy sandwich , with a patient onlooker

Jan 24th – Begins with S

Spinal model.

Jan 25th – My morning view

The sky over London looking nice and moody.

Jan 26th – Thank you for…

the flowers. A thank you present from a happy client.

Jan 27th – In the night

The Palm House at Kew Gardens lit up as part of their Christmas at Kew light show.

Jan 28th – Text

The totally appropriate table name for the choir at a wedding just before Christmas. There wasn’t room on the light box for “The Muppet’s Christmas Carol” in it’s entirety, apparently…

Jan 29th – Magic

I’ve been told my a number of clients that I have “Magic Hands” and that is how a couple of them refer to me. I just do what I can.

Jan 30th – A secret

My lips are sealed… what a client tells me in the treatment room is a secret as far as I am concerned and nor for me to share.

I’m surprised (and delighted) to discover that this photo was picked as a Fab Four on Instagram. These are chosen by the administrators of the Challenge (Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim) and so it was a real privilege to have been chosen.

Jan 31st – Less is more

Bits of Michaelangelo’s David’s face adorn the wall outside of my bedroom door. A number of people say that even though there are only three bits, they can see a complete face.

January Bonus picture…

I have also been taking part in another photo a day challenge, Susannah Conway’s Gentle January, and this was my “I look forward to” prompt:

I look forward to Spring, it’s lighter evenings, it’s flowers, it’s warmth, it’s potential.

I look forward to the people I will meet, the lesson’s we will share as we walk along a path together…

January prompt list

So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was delighted that Day 30 was chosen as a Fab Four on Instagram, but wasn’t fortunate enough to have been chosen in the Facebook Group. They do pick different pictures between the two groups, so I’m more than happy with that.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely Interonauts,