Welcome to another Photo a Day Collection! There is no great overarching theme set by Fat Mum Slim again this month, and if anything it seems like some very random prompts.

I was away from home during the month so some more dipping into the archive than I really want to. 

1st Sept – Something I saw

A pale blue five pointed star with the words Good job printed on it sits on a paving slab

I try to keep my eyes open as I walk around, and the photography really helps keep my eyes observant.  I spotted this little sticker on the ground and it made me smile.

2nd Sept – Plastic

lego model of the Mandalorian

I do love Star Wars, and have fallen for The Mandalorian series, here’s a cute bit of plastic.

3rd Sept – Paper

a cropped view of pages from a book fan across a teal background.

One of my favourite uses of paper: bound, trimmed and covered in ink.

Surprised, but delighted, that this was chosen as a Notable Nine photo.

4th Sept – Somewhere I went

Red and white spot lights above a stage with Neil Hannon at the microphone, with band members across the stage

I was lucky enough to go to see The Divine Comedy in concert at the Barbican.  They were performing their first ten albums, in their entirety, over 5 nights (two albums per night).  We saw them play Casanova, A Ehort Album About Love, Fin de Siecle and Regeneration. 

5th Sept – Hobby

A hoverfly sits on the purple flowers of a verbena bonariensis

A hobby, to me, is something that I do purely for the enjoyment I get from it, and I would still do it if others didn’t like the product.  For me, at the moment, it must be photography, especially of wildlife.  This wonderful hoverfly came to my garden and was wonderfully calm as I took its photo.

6th Sept – Green & Blue

A beetle with a metallic green carapace sits on a white cow parsley flower.

The shiny green carapace of the Rose Chafer was what caught my attention, with the green background and the blue sky allowing me to use it for this prompt.

7th Sept – Before Bed

Tim sitting in bed, light to the side, with an open book.  He is looking straight at the camera

Before I fall asleep I always read, this was very similar to a prompt last month and I took a very similar photo.  And once again me sitting in bed reading was chosen as one of the Fab Four

8th Sept – An emotion

The head of a sorrowful statue, with spikes around the top to show the crown of thorns. A black and white image

This is the face of Jesus on the Passion Facade of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it really depicts the sadness.  The art is by Subirachs.

9th Sept – Opposites

Black socks on crossed feet, there is a red line on each and a L and R in red

This was a bit of a strange day for me, I was finishing at Stanmore Chiropractic after working there for 11 years so my mind was less into the photography.  So my opposites were my helpfully labelled socks.

10th Sept – I can hear…

A wren sits on a twig, its mouth is open as it is singing.

I can hear the birds singing… A lovely wren singing its heart out.

11th Sept – Paint

Abstract swish of gold coloured paint against brown paint.  A close up of a larger picture

A close up of a painting that was in the cottage we hired.

12th Sept – Symmetry

A square shape with crossing lines, formed from standing under a pylon looking up.

I know I might be a bit weird, but I do do love standing underneath electricity pylons and looking up at the structure, which is wonderfully symmetrical.

13th Sept – Tasty

Close up of a food, chips in the top right corner, some red cabbage, and a melted cheese covered piece of meat on the left side of the image

I was away on holiday, and as a treat we had a takeaway from the local chippie, and it was good.  As I don’t like fish, I had this wondeful Bacon parmo with chips.  A parmo (parma) is normally only found in the North of England and uses bechamel sauce rather than the more normal tomato sauce.  It was delicious.

14th Sept – Odd one out

A single red poppy stands in the foreground, a wild flower meadow and trees behind, a castle wall to the left and a skyscraper in the background

I probably should have looked ahead at the prompts as I didn’t have anything for this.  A dip into the archive and a trip to the Tower of London’s Superbloom for a poppy standing proud amongst the other flowers.

15th Sept – A food Shop

A lady is bending over a pile of fruit, other piles of fruit are arranged for display: red and yellow apples, oranges

I forgot to photograph the supermarket I went to on this day, so had to dip into the archive for a wonderfully colourful market stall in Barcelona.

16th Sept – 12:34

An analogue watch showing 12:34 on a wrist with a view of a stile and a stone wall stretches out behind.

Only slighly forced, but I was out for a walk along Hadrian’s wall at 12:34 on this day.  I had to borrow the watch and wait somewhere interesting for the photo.

17th Sept – Lucky

A green hillside with remains of walls in the foreground.  There is a large colourful structure on the horizon with two gates in it. It is a large piece of art covered in placards with bright coloured words painted on them

I was in Northumberland and we were very lucky with the gorgeous weather.  We were also very lucky to go to the Sill just after an exhibition of Lost Words started, and also went to Housesteads Roman fort and got to see this art installation celebrating the 1900 anniversary of the completion of the wall. 

18th Sept – Car Park

A view of car roofs as seen in an outdoor car park

The car park of Brodsworth Hall, which we visited on the way back from Northumberland.

19th Sept – What’s on TV

Soldiers carry a coffin draped in the yellow and red royal ensignia.  On top of the coffin is a crown on a purple cushion.  The soldiers are in black and white so only the coffin is colourful.  In the foreground is a Radio Times magazine with  black and white picture of a young Queen Elizabeth II

This day was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, so that was what we watched. 

I was very pleased that this image was chosen as one of the Fab Five.

20th Sept – Texture

The toes of a pair of fabric trainers can be seen on the left, the edge of a yellow bricks with bumps on can be seen on the right.

The texture of trainers against tarmac and the rumble strips that let people with sight isues know there is a pedestrian crossing (or danger)

21st Sept – Nature

A dragonfly sits on a pale brown plant stem, wings are angled and the insect is looking at the camera.  Green reeds are on the background.

I do love photographing nature, even when it is slightly creepy, but beautiful like this dragonfly.

22nd Sept – Tree Trunk

The textured bark of a tree trunk extends upwards, there is a bulge from which three branches continue upwards in the black and white image

I do love the texture of tree trunks, this magnificent plane tree can be found in Bunhill Cemetary, London.  I think it looks like a hand reaching upwards.

23rd Sept – Crunchy

three gingernut biscuits sit on a white plate, a bite has been taken out of the nearest biscuit and there are some crumbs

Only a few biscuits were harmed in the creation of this photo.  Wonderfully crunchy gingernut biscuits.

24th Sept – I can smell…

Close up of a pink rose.

 The roses, glorious smell.

25th Sept – Laneway

An avenue of trees along a grey brick path, the green leaves of the trees form an arch over the path

So a Laneway is very much an australian word, but means the same as a lane or alleyway.  This green path is in Walthamstow.

I was delighted that this picture was chosen as one of the Notable Nine for today.

26th Sept – The Moon

A tarot card labelled the moon is held in the foreground, with other cards blurry in the background. The card has a golden coloured moon above two dogs.

Yes, I do love taking photos of the moon, and very delighted with my phone camera.  But for today’s prompt I went a bit left field and grabbed one of my tarot sets and found The Moon card.

27th Sept – Open door

An arch with an open brown door, with a horizontal black strap hinge opens onto a corridor.  Another arch can be seen in the distance.

An open door found within the White Tower in the Tower of London, that we couldn’t go through but looked inviting.

28th Sept – My Culture

Inside a neon union jack heart is a silver lions head.  In the top left is a neon sign reading Angel, a partial pink sign reads I really f  k lov yo

What can I say about “My Culture” other than Britain loves to show its colours, can be a bit sweary, but there are the occassional angels. And I do love a lion.

29th Sept – Not my style

Two bright lights can be seen, they belong to a smiling caterpillar type creature. It is a garden light

This garden light was found at the yoga retreat, and I neglected to photograph it during the day because cute as it is: it really isn’t my style.

30th Sept – Sentimental

white crystals of sea salt sit in a clear crystal bowl and small spoon, against a wood background

An acheievement for me (whilst on hoiday) was to climb the Victoria Tower overlooking St Peter Port, especially as I’m not that good with heights.

Bonus 1 – Another emotion

A golden leaf sits on a red pavement, there are holes in the leaf that make it look sad.

This was a found item, which I found just after I posted my image for the 8th September. The leaf was like this and I didn’t change it in any way.

Bonus 2 – Paint

An abstract painting of a man in blue with a pitchfork of hay over his shoulder. The man is turning away from the viewer

This is the whole picture for the prompt Paint.  It was a great picture that was on the wall in the room I was staying in whilst on holiday.

So that’s it for this month, and I hope you enjoy them.  I was delighted to be chosen an amazing four times  for the Fab Four/Notable Nine by the admin team.

October is going to be an interesting month and if you can’t wait to see what I’m posting then  follow me  my Instagram feed. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,