Welcome to another Photo a Day Collection! After last month’s Food month, where I attempted to not photograph any food, this month was the slighlty nicer Alphabet month.

I was away from home for a large part of it as I was training with John F Barnes in his Myofascial Release approach and I was in the the lovely Cape Cod, which meant that there was not always a great amount of time for photos. 

Sept 1st – A

A is for Apple…

…well after last month’s food month with no food photography, this felt like a tongue in cheek start to this month…

Sept 2nd – B

B is for Banana…

People started to wonder if I was going to do a whole month of food for Alphabet month, after having done a month without food for food month.

Sept 3rd – C

C is for coffee.

Still teasing with a drink, but coffee is a big part of my life.

Sept 4th – D

Check in zone D, Terminal 5 at London Heathrow.

This was taken at the start of a delayed journey to Cape Cod that became a nightmare.  I was meant to be on an 11:15 flight direct flight to Boston, which was cancelled.  I was then on a flight to Chicago, which was delayed so I missed the connecting flight and had to stay (for 4 hours) before a 6am flight from Chicago to Boston.

Annoyingly I had taken a doughnut photo on arrival and in my tired mind I forgot to use it. It wasn’t a great photo anyway.

Sept 5th – E

E is for Exit.

Oh, this was such a welcome sight at Boston Logan International.  Which is where I arrived 20 hours later than planned.

Sept 6th – F

F is for Feet,

My feet being washed by the waves on our own private beach at the Condiminium we hired in Cape Cod.

Sept 7th – G

G is for Glass.

Glass sculpture by Chihuly, of course

Sept 8th – H

H is for House Number.

I had a mental blank*, and this was all I could come up with.

*I was in the middle of the courses so my brain was full of new information.

Sept 9th – I

I is for Insect

A dragonfly that I rescued from the private swimming pool we had at the Condo.

Sept 10th – J

J is for jug.

A jug with my coffee making paraphenalia.  This has appeared once before when I was only holiday last year (Isle of Wight) and it happened to be Alphabet month then.

Sept 11th – K

K is for key and key ring (foot shaped)

The key to the house, and fob for the pool.

Sept 12th – L

L is for Lighthouse.

The Highland Light on Cape Cod.  It is the tallest one on the Cape (they all look different and flash at different rythms so sailors know which it is.  In 1996 this light house was lifted and moved 450ft (140m) away from the cliff, this took 19 days. The cliff is eroding at a rate of 3ft per year, but some storms take larger chunks away.

Sept 13th – M

M is for Mushrooms.

Mushrooms that managed to get frozen in the fridge.  This led to much hysterical laughter as we could knock them solidly on the side.

Sept 14th – N

N is for Nightlight

Nights were so dark where we were staying in Cape Cod they had a nightlight in the toilet, this is the pattern it made.

Sept 15th – O

O is for Oyster.

An oyster shell full of water on the beach at Cape Cod


Sept 16th – P

P is for Passport

Used on the day of the this prompt to return from Cape Cod.

Sept 17th – Q

Q is for Quote.

From a favourite author.

Sept 18th – R

R is for Rocks, 

and an excuse for a Cape Cod sunset.

Sept 19th – S

S is for Surfers, sitting and waiting for the right swell.

Sept 20th – T

T is for Taffy, of the Salt Water varietey.

When working with the Myofascial Release Approach, it is often described as “pulling taffy”, but not know what that was always threw me.  Having been to Cape Cod (where they make it) I now know it’s like a toffee, but some how fluffier.

Sept 21st – U

U if for “Um” under an Umbrella, with the United States flag.

Sept 22nd – V

V is for vault.

I do love vaulting, and this is part of the University of Glasgow.

Sept 23rd – W

W is for a worn W on weathered wood, seen in Provincetown (known locally as P’Town)

Sept 24th – X

X of a golden variety, to be found on my way to work in Clerkenwell.

Sept 25th – Y

Y is for Yellow, a cheerful yellow sunflower.

Sept 26th – Z

Z is for Zebra crossing, as seen on my way to my Stanmore clinic

Sept 27th – WORDS

Words found on the floor of Walthamstow market, describing where the name comes from.

Sept 28th – Currently Reading

Currently this is what I’m reading for fun, the final part of a fab trilogy.

Sept 29th – My Name

My name found in P’Town, and I approve of the new and used books, and the buying, not so sure about the selling.

Sept 30th – Inspiration

Inspiration always tends to come to me from Mother Nature. And another excuse to share a Cape Cod sky.

So that’s it for this month, and I’m pleased that I managed to keep this going, and the “My name” prompt was actually the 1,000th consecutive day I’ve posted to this group.  Quite the feat!

October is going to be an interesting month and if you can’t wait to see what I’m posting then  follow me  my Instagram feed. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,