Welcome to another month of photos, this month it should get quite colourful as it’s Rainbow month.  This is a theme that happens every year and it is fun to do.  Until I start to over analyse what actually constitutes a colour: where does aqua suddenly become too turqoise… But that’s my decision. 

I hope you like the colourful month ahead.

1st October – White

Close up of a white orchid, the yellow throat it to one side.

A close up of one my moth orchids, this one is a lovely white colour.

2nd October – Black

against a black background a lego toy can be seen.  He is a star wars tie fighter pilot figure and the light is really only reflecting on his mask

I do love Star Wars (and Star Trek) and there is something about the Imperial (First Order) uniforms that I find pleasing.  I really like the Tie Fighter pilots, although you only see them briefly.

3rd October – Green

green tomatoes curl against a white background

End of the growing season leads to a surplus of green tomatoes.  These really were quite small cherry tomatoes so not sure what will happen to them.

4th October – Red

A bright red ranunculus that I took earlier this year specifically for colour month.  I remembered I’d taken it so had it ready.

close up of a red flower, its closely fitting petals surround a centre at the top of the image.

5th October – Orange

Close up of the centre of a yellow flpwer, dark bases of the petals surround a ring of stamen, with an irridescent centre

A sunflower with a sparkly heart was definitely orange.

6th October – Blue

A blue neon tube shaped to look like a chinese dragon

A blue dragon can be found amongst the delights of God’s Own Junkyardin Walthamstow.

7th October – Yellow

Close up of a yellow flower, with many petals spiralling around a yellow centre

A sunflower with a sparkly heart was definitely orange.

8th October – Purple

A purple flower, a scabious, against a black and white background

A blue dragon can be found amongst the delights of God’s Own Junkyardin Walthamstow.

9th October – Aqua

An aqua coloured jug with Hot written in white writing.

Aqua is one of those colours that I don’t really know what colour it is.  So I take a lot of photos of things that might just be aqua… 

This jug can be found in Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, which is a fabulous place to visit.

10th October – Pink

Close up of the centre of a pink orchid, petals overlapping

Another of my moth orchids.  This one is the one I’ve the longest (about 15 years now) and I just love the bright pink of it.  It has flowered many times over the years, and it was in flower at this time.

11th October – Grey

A grey towel is draped on a peg, with a grey tiled background.

A grey towel hanging on a peg in front of the grey tiles in my bathroom.

12th October – Brown

Close up of a leaf, the veins are a darker brown against the main leaf

The browns of a leaf in the sunlight.

13th October – Pop of colour

A yellow flower with a darker centre contrasts against a dark leafy background

A yellow dahlia against its own grey leaves provided a natural pop of colour. 

14th October – Stripes

A pair of brown boots stand on a metal escalator

Slightly hard on the eyes, but there are plenty of stripes in the treads of an escalator.

15th October – Floral

Wildflower of many different colours in front of a white castle wall under a blue sky

A floral carpet in front of the Tower of London earlier this year, when the Superbloom was at it’s best.

16th October – One Colour

A close up of a yellow flower, its petals the same colour as the centre

A yellow flower with a yellow centre to it, making it all one colour.

17th October – Two Colours

Two train ends face each other, the orange and blue are the only colours, this is repeated by the train station logo.

The orange and blue of the TfL overground trains look very nice where the two parts of the train meet.

18th October – Pattern

Close up of a stained glass light, circles of yellow and blue are visible

The most amazing pattern of the light well of La Palau de Musica Catalunya in Barcelona.

19th October – Black and White

A crescent moon against a black sky

The white crescent moon against the black sky, taken with my phone as I headed into work.

20th October – Rainbow

The columns of the front of a building are coloured like a rainbow with lighting, the Words St Vincent can be seen on a white strip

I saw the wonderful St Vincent in concert in June this year, and the Hammersmith Apollo was lit up with rainbow lights for Pride month.

21st October – My Favourite colour

The words "Neon is my favourite colour" is made up of different colours of neon lights.

Choosing my favourite colour is always so difficult and it changes.  I saw this wonderful sign at God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow and knew I needed to use it for this prompt.

22nd October – Matching

A highly patterned jacket and small bag, the pattern is made up of the letters T and H

A hideous (in my opinion) jacket and matching man bag.  It does have my initials in it, but not something I would ever wear.

23rd October – Natural

Brown bricks form a curved backdrop to a spray of wooden beams.

The natural colours of a wooden bench and the yellow London bricks.

24th October – Dark 

Silhouette of buddha against lines of a venetian blind

This was a large statue at the cottage I stayed in when in Northumberland and a bout of insomnia let me get this photo. 

25th October – Light

A crystal chandelier glows in the dark, reflected in a mirro in the background

A chandalier and its reflection taken at Brodsworth Hall, Yorkshire. 

26th October – Pastel

Random shapes of differing heights are grouped to the left, their colours are muted and pastel

A part of the main installation of the “When Flowers Dream” exhibition by Pip and Pop at Kew Gardens.

27th October – Bright

Two ladies are silhouetted against a brightly coloured kaleidoscopic image.  One is pointing, there is a reflection of them on the left of the image

Another part of the exhibition was a video installation, these two ladies were enjoying the kaleidoscopic view.

28th October – Gold

A gold skeletal tyrannosaurus rex as a necklace.

I won this fabulous golden skeletal Tyrannosaurus Rex in a competion.  It’s by the wonderful Tatty Devine.

29th October – Fresh

A fruit cake in the square baking tin, with greaseproof paper around it

Maybe not the most colourful image, but this is this year’s Christmas Cake  fresh from the oven.  It smelled wonderful and will  have plenty of time to be “fed” with brandy. 

30th October – Mellow

Close up of a mushroom, the undergills glowing with light shining through them

I do love autumn, and the funghi exploding from the ground.  This wonderful mushroom looked even better with the sunlight shining through it.  Creating a mellow, yellow mushroom.

31st October – Dots

Close up of gold cladding tiles, creating a zig zag shape, and pierced with square holes.

This is the cladding on one of the buildings I walk past at Broadgate, near Liverpool Street Station.  These tiles are pierced with square holes, which makes me wonder if you can have square dots.

Bonus photo

A gold necklace made to look like a skeletal tyrannosaurus rex

I do love this necklace, although I am unlikely to ever wear it.  And thought you’d like to see the whole of it.  It is just awesome.

Thank you for looking through my photo blog. I know it’s not the normal thing to appear on a website for Health and Wellbeing, but I hope it brings you a moment of calm and some enjoyment.  I know I get a lot out of looking at the world differently and taking part makes me notice things around me.

Absolutely delighted to have been chosen twice for the Fab Four choice.

There will be more next month.