Welcome to Colour Month!  Also sometimes referred to as Rainbow month.  After a couple of months of difficult prompts, it was a relief to be given something a little more straight forward to photograph.

October 1st – Yellow

Corn on the cob, fresh from our Farmer’s Market, with a knob of butter (and some pepper).

This prompt might have sparked a slight surge in sales of Sweetcorn, based upon the comments people left.


October 2nd – Pink

A pink japanese anemone, with a visitor


October 3rd – Blue

Blue sky over London, taken at the start of October and no filter was used to get it this gorgeous colour. Honest!


October 4th – Green

Green screening.  There is some building work at my local station and this is the screening they’re using, with the bright sunshine the silhouettes of the plants looked great.  I did tweak the colouring of this to make it a more obvious green.


October 5th – Red

A red poppy pin, it might be a little bit early for a British Legion Poppy, but we shouldn’t ever forget.


October 6th – purple

Lovely purple lavender, glowing in the autumn sunshine.


October 7th – Orange

I really detest pumpkins and squashes to eat, but they do have a rather wonderful orange colour to their flesh.  This was sneaked at my local farmers’ market.

From the comments I had on this photo people either love or hate pumpkins.  If you live in the states or australia you seemed to like them more than if you came from the UK.  As far as I’m concerned the US and Oz can keep them.


October 9th – Aqua

I’m never very certain what colour aqua actually is… Wiki suggests it is the same as Cyan (whatever colour that is) but also can be more blue or more green.  In daylight this looked aqua (confirmed with my other half), but now I’m not so sure…

If you want to know what this is, it’s the top of my washing up liquid bottle.


October 9th – Grey

I was shopping for bathroom fittings (yes, very shortly after having the kitchen revamped, we’re doing the bathroom) and so the very on trend grey towels were perfect for today’s prompt.


October 10th – White

Not the clearest of white items, but this is the rather translucent and sad looking flower from my white orchid.  Still beautiful in my eyes.


October 11th – Black

The cover of my current notebook is black, and has this rather wonderful skull design embossed into it.  It’s a Sherlock inspired notebook, and further down it says that, but felt like i wanted the skull to take centre stage.


October 12th – Fave colour

My favourite colour changes fairly regularly, and really I would say that whatever colour Mother Nature has for me is my favourite colour for that season.  It is nice to have a blue sky arching overhead, so maybe that is my favourite colour.

Here the blue sky is behind some autumnal red leaves.


October 13th – Natural

Natural wood was the first thing that came to mind… especially as I now have a lovely natural oak work top in my kitchen.


October 14th – Baby pink

Not my favourite colour, but here’s an image of Her Majesty with a baby pink background.


October 15th – Baby blue

Baby blue is also not a favourite colour (not that into pastels) and this badge fit the bill quite nicely.  It also seemed to chime with a lot of the others in the group.


October 16th – Chocolate

This is a vase in the British Museum, with amazing chocolate coloured flowers as a decoration.  I didn’t want to just photograph a piece of chocolate (as I dislike food photos) so the hunt was on for something like this.


October 17th – Light

With work going on a pace in the bathroom, the light bulb was close to hand so I spent way too long playing around with it…


October 18th – Dark

The view from my bedroom first thing in the morning.  We’re at that time of the year when it’s still dark when I get up.


October 19th – Palette

Not being an artist, I don’t have a palette of paint.  However, choosing colours means I’ve had this paint card that shows the palette of colours I could choose from.


October 20th – Lemon

I was at a yoga course this day, and was gently despairing that I wouldn’t discover anything lemon yellow, and then came across these bikes, the PaD gods were smiling on me.


October 21st – Lime

Lime coloured tiles on a building near Old Street.

Geek fact: This building has been given the name “Spectrum”, and I was musing how it can be called spectrum when it’s only decorated in green tiles.  My SO piped up with “S.I.G.” which stands for Spectrum is Green and comes from Captain Scarlet.  I wonder if the designer is a huge Captain Scarlet fan and this is their subtle tribute.  And I had a huge crush on Captain Scarlet when I was growing up (I knew he was a puppet, but what a dish)


October 22nd – Gold

Gold covered Tibetan Garuda statue, from the British Musuem.  One of my friends in the FMSPaD group did wonderfully describe it as “Classical bling”


October 23rd – Silver

Two silver rings, one of which was cleaned specially for this photo.  I used to wear them all the time, but my job as a bodyworker means I’ve gotten used to not wearing them.


October 24th – Two colours

I know that some people don’t consider white to be a colour, but this rather stunning red & white plate seemed perfect for this prompt.  Particularly when the gallery, the City of London Guildhall Art Gallery, paints the walls to match.


October 25th – Pattern

A doorway with a simple and striking pattern made up of overlapping circles.  Taken somewhere in London.


October 26th – Bright

The tissue box in one of the treatment rooms I use at Clerkenwell is nice, bright and cheerful and perfect for this prompt.


October 27th – Pop!

A trio of a colour pop, in the primary colours.  I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to these photos (which can make it harder) as I like to find examples of them and not doctor the photo to show it.


October 28th – Contrast

A contrast of light and dark, flat and curved.  This is one of my favourite statues and is “Winged Figure” by Barbara Hepworth, and it graces the side of the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis.


October 29th – Black and White

This is another one where I wanted to find a black and white image and not just edit a photo to suit.  I stumbled upon this doing the weekly shop.

This mural is of Madge Gill, a Walthamstow born artist.  This is part of the LDNWMN installation that celebrates unsung women that have made London a wonderful place.


October 30th – Pastel

This fading rose was in my garden this morning, after it decided to have a very late second flowering.   I’m not really a great fan of pastel colours, but this was just there.


October 31st – Rainbow

It had to be…  especially as there is no chance of a natural one.


Bonus photo

So, this was the closest I could get to a painter’s palette, some ancient roman palettes found at the British Museum.


So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to have been chosen as one of the Fab Four this time around. The fab four (or more) are chosen by the Facebook admin team each day for each prompt.  I really must get to grips with the idea that I don’t need to compete for this, it’s an added bonus.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,


This was an alternative for the 31st.