Welcome to another collection of my photos! So the penultimate month of 2022.  Unlike last month’s rainbow theme, there isn’t really an overarching idea but there are some tricky prompts and generally they’re around objects.

1st Nov – A collection

circular Pin badges on a cork board, the clearest reads I heart Books

Hi, I’m Tim and I’m a collector.  I have a number of collections and can’t help it.  This is part of my collection of pin badges, focussing on the ones that were produced by Hertfordshire Libraries in the early 80s.

I was amazed that this was chosen as on of the Instagram Fab Four for this prompt.

2nd Nov – A book cover

An old copy of Lord of the Rings sits on the floor, with a ring on top. The cover is green with a big black circle with a stylised eye in the centre, around this is red fancy script

There are so many iconic book covers that sprang to mind, but this really is a classic.

3rd Nov – A shop front

A peachy orange coloured shop front with lots and lots of potted plants in front and in the window.

This is the old Hidden Planet shop in Covent Garden, they have now moved to Chatsworth Road in Clapton, London.  It is the brain child and the passion of the wonderful Wildlife artist and author, Ben Rothery. 

4th Nov – A for sale sign

A big red semicircle with the words For Sale in front of a blurred house front.

These are the distinctive For Sale signs for one of the Estate Agents in East London, and there were a couple around.

I was surprised that this was chosen as a Fab Four in the Facebook Group.

5th Nov – A bridge

A couple walk along a bridge, white posts and cables lead to a point where a light sits.

This is one of the Embankment footbridges that cross the Thames from Covent Garden to the South Bank.  I think they’re rather wonderful.

6th Nov – A fence

A four bar fence angles up a slope of green grass, against a blue sky

This fence can be found at the Walthamstow Wetlands, and I decided to play it simple.

7th Nov – I didn’t make this

A microwave pasta meal in a brown box sits on a white plate on a wooden background

Yes, it’s a microwave meal.  Yes, it was delicious.  No, I don’t eat them very often but sometimes when I only have 15 minutes in which to cook and eat my dinner, they’re very useful.

8th Nov – Throw it

A paper plane has just been thrown by the hand, in black and white

A paper plane is the obvious thing to throw.  Surprisingly hard to get a photography of your own hand doing it.

9th Nov – An unmade bed

A light in the top corner shines on a rumpled pillow sitting on another pillow, with a thrown open duvet cover in the foreground

Just as I left it…

10th Nov – Power lines

Close up of an electricity pylon foussing on the power lines crossing  each other/

The power lines made an interesting series of lines and shapes at the Wetlands

11th Nov – An arrow

The word right with an arrow pointing to the right side of the screen, written in paint on grey tarmac

A helpful one that helps you remember which way is right.  These are actually found at London Pedestrian crossings and point towards the oncoming traffic to remind you which way to look.  They fully read “Look Right –>” or “<– Look Left” as appropriate.

12th Nov – In my pocket

Two keys visible, one with a green fob cover, sit on a white handkerchief.  Both are poking out of a the top of jeans pocket, a black belt is visible at the top of the photo.

Keys and a handkerchief.

13th Nov – A closed sign

An orange sign hangs in a window, with the words "We're closed. Sorry about that" written in it.

At a restaurant near to work, they weren’t open when I went past, but their shutters were up.

14th Nov – A flock of birds

Six white cut out of bird silhouettes, they are attached to a brick wall.

OK, so you might have expected one of my nature photos for this, and I was tempted.  But I liked this discovery of birds under a bridge in London (and it can be found just to the north of Tower Hill)

15th Nov – Hand shadows

Three people are silhouetted against bright spot lights, they are dancing and two have their hands pointing up towards the ceiling.

Ok, I know that technically they’re silhouettes of hands, but this seemed just perfect for the prompt (and the wearther wasn’t conducive for shadows).  This was helpful people at the Bellowhead concert at the Royal Albert Hall.  

16th Nov – Running water

Close up of a stainless steel tap, water is running out of the mouth, in black and white.

Water available at my fingers is something that I am very grateful for.

17th Nov – Wrinkles

Half a face with eyes looking towards a wrinkled forehead, in black and white

I was just checking to see if I have any wrinkles, and according to the group I don’t.

18th Nov – An empty table

Pale blue chairs are arranged neatly by empty tables outside a coffee shop, there is a matching blue canopy

A few empty tables outside this coffee shop, it was November in London on a fairly damp day so I wan’t that surprised.

19th Nov – Rocks

Square shaped rocks are neatly stacked to form a wall, dry grass runs along the top of the wall.

A fairly important and historic pile of shaped rocks.  All nice and neatly stacked to form Hadrian’s Wall, this section can be found on the walk from Whinsill to Housesteads Fort.

20th Nov – Afternoon light

Grey clouds loom over the Palm House at Kew, in a threatening rain way

A dark and threatening sky over the Palm House at Kew Gardens..

21st Nov – Half full

The moon, halfway between new moon and full moon, in a blue sky, with black clouds across the bottom of the picture.

Halfway between the New moon and the Full, makes this moon Half Full, doesn’t it?

I was delighted that this photo was chosen on the Instagram Page as one of the Fab Four for this prompt.

22nd Nov – Graffiti

A grinning, animalistic face has been sprayed with white paint on a brown store shutter

As I live in London there is a lot of Graffiti around, most masquerading as Street Art (where does that change…?) 
But this was taken in Barcelona earlier this year, and is one of many photos I could have chosen as I have started to take a lot of photos of Street Art/Grafffiti

23rd Nov – An ugly food

A pale coloured ball shaped vegetable, with a ring of short shoots around the top

Celeriac really isn’t the most attractive of foods, but I’d not really describe it as ugly.

It was still photogenic enough to be chosen as on of the Eight Ugly food selection for the day.

24th Nov – A tall building

A view looking upwards at a number of tall buildings and the pale blue sky.

London has quite a few tall buildings now, and this view as taken on my commute from Liverpool Street Station to Clerkenwell.

I do love looking up like this, and got a bit of a weird look from the nearby workmen.  But it paid off as this was chosen as a Fab Four for this prompt.

25th Nov – A spider web

A branch of a plant with tiny leaves and pale pink flower buds is covered in a tight strands of a spider web.

This plant was totally covered in the spider webs, and it was not a small plant.  This wasn’t anywhere exotic, but in Walthamstow.

26th Nov – A funny shape

An architectural element of a curving bulbuous shape.  Other shapes in the distance

This is one of the finials of La Sagrada Familiar, and I’m sure it has a lot of symbolism, but it’s just a funny shape to me.  The ones in the background are meant to be foodstuffs, but I’m still not convinced.

27th Nov – A splash

In the ripples of water a bird is busily splashing as it bathes itself.

A mallard duck causing a splash as it cleans itself.

28th Nov – Something hidden

A lot of vegetation, with a kingfisher barely visible.

A female kingfisher is visible, but hidden in the vegetation. 

Think Rule of Thirds to find it.

29th Nov – A list

A list from a recipe from a magazine.  There are handwritten numbers to the side.

A list of scrummy and tasty things that go into a “Christmas” pudding that really isn’t quite as Christmassy as my mother’s traditional Christmas pudding.  This is from Olive Magazine.

30th Nov – A family member

A woman with short grey hair, wearing a sky blue coat, stands within a wooden box looking out over green hills.

My mother looks out over the Barbarian North, from a temporary recreation of the gatehouse at Housestead’s Fort on Hadrian’s Wall.  She doesn’t like heights at all so I took this to prove she’d made it up the structure.

So that’s it for yet another month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was delighted to have been chosen as one of the Fab Four a few times this month, both in the facebook group and on instagram, which is always a surprise and and honour.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. Although I have taken most of these phoptos to my “personal account”.  There will be another summary of my photos next month.  I am also aiming to take part in Susannah Conway‘s December Reflections for the sixth year running.  I plan to put the bits together in a blog so keep following.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,