Welcome to another collection of my photos! So the penultimate month of 2019, and the theme this month was Rainbow month.  So a return to the perenially lovely colour month, which FMS Pad last did in May (when I did the Bikes of London).  This time work is busy so I am not planning my own theme on top of this.

November 1st – One colour

A white vase in front of a white wall.

November 2nd – Flowers

At the end of the floral season, I can still the beauty in the fading blooms.

November 3rd – Sugar

Sugar in an interesting spoon (oh for this to have been the prompt on Halloween).

November 4th – Nature

A vulpine visitor to my garden.

November 5th – In the middle

A crown of a different colour in the middle of four others.  One of the tile designs used on London Undergrounds Victoria line, each different at each station.  This one is from Kings Cross.

November 6th – Bird

A Cormorant spreads its wings to dry.

November 7th – Something I do every day

At the moment with Covid on the rise again and as we’re in Lockdown 2, I’m taking my temperature each day, just to keep an eye on it.

November 8th – A Favourite Word

I just love words, and like too many to of them to choose.  So I’ll use this art work by local artist called Angry Dan, whose work I’ve previously shared.

The limerick reads:

Oh how I adore a good word

Whether written, read, spoken or heard

Slang or Vernacular

Blunt or Spectacular

Reasoned or downright absurd.

November 9th – A corner of my home

A corner of my home with some art… to be honest trying to find one that wasn’t in a state of total chaos that looked nice was tricky…

November 10th – Older

Older, and hopefully wiser, than I was in this photo of me aged about 10.

November 11th –  This makes me happy

I feel like this prompt comes around far too frequently, and each time I suddenly have no idea what makes me happy, or if I’ve ever been happy.  Anyhoo, this time around (and like many) nature makes me happy, especially watching (and photographing) the antics of Long-tailed Tits.  Getting a good photo of them is even better.

November 12th –  Grass

Grass, with rain and a wet leaf.

November 13th – Something I can’t live without

Ok, so the literal side of me listed things I really can’t live without (e.g air, water, food, warmth…) but they’re not the easiest to photograph…

Instead, I decided to go with something that I would struggle to live permanently without: my mobile.  I know that ultimately I would readjust back to living without it if I needed to, but it would be very strange.

November 14th – The weather today

Wild, wet and windy.  The weather was definitely not the nicest for this day.

November 15th – Waves

Our actions send waves out into the world…

November 16th – Something beautiful

An abyssinian gladiolus in flower in my garden, in November… 

November 17th – What I’m doing today

This year I had a go at making my own Christmas pudding, along with my Christmas cake.

November 18th – My favourite food

Oh, I really struggle with these “favourite” prompts, and this was a hard one (although typically I thought of a favourite about a week later).  

But this time it was things made with sugar, spice, flour and fruit…

November 19th – I went here

Just before our second lockdown, I went to central London, and caught Piccadilly Circus at Golden Hour, so Eros was glowing.

November 20th – Begins with T

Tube train on tracks, sort of counts I think.

November 21st – This or that

Imperial or metric…? 

November 22nd – Upside down

A bunch of sage hanging upside down to dry.

November 23rd – Sharp

Spikes on a cactus seen at kew Gardens

November 24th – Serenity

It’s quite tricky to photograph your own hand, and this was originally going to be an outtake, but seemed better than the official one….

November 25th – This season

It’s the season when sparkly lights suddenly appear everywhere, and you can get some interesting reflections

November 26th – An edge

A dip into the archive to a piece of Chihuly with a contrasting edge taken at Kew Gardens last year.

November 27th – A picture of me

The photo on the right was taken when I was helping out Myofascial Release UK (MFR UK) on their stand at CamExpo.  I had no idea it had been taken until the advertising for CamExpo the following year arrived and there I was on the cover (and all the posters) so I asked for a copy of it and they let me have one, and I have been using it in my leaflets (maybe I need to get some more photos done).

I was delighted that this was chosen as one of the notable nine for today’s prompt. Completely unexpected.

November 28th – Out of focus

Another bit of Chihuly, with a deliberate blurring effect (intentional camera movement) that made everything out of focus.

November 29th – A view

A view of the Walthamstow Wetlands, which has been a haven this year.  This view of the Engine House is one I photograph every week.

November 30th – Tiny people

My Yoga Joes coming to join me on the mat.

So that’s it for yet another month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was delighted to have been chosen as one of the Fab Four (or rather Notable Nine) this month for the photo of me, and that was a complete surprise.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.  I am also aiming to take part in Susannah Conway‘s December Reflections for the fifth year running.  I plan to put the bits together in a blog so keep following.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,