This month was dubbed Rainbow month by Chatelle (AKA FatMumSlim) and she proprosed that we should all take photos of us in clothing that involved the colours.  This wasn’t likely to happen with me, as I didn’t have much time to go clothes shopping, and whilst my clothing isn’t just plain dark colours, there are some colours I don’t have.

Instead I decided to set myself a separate theme for this month: The Bikes of London.  I had seen so many colours on my walk to work that I thought it would be possible.  The PaD Gods seemed to approve and gave me some delightful opportunities.  So I hope you enjoy them.  There are less words than normal as hopefully the pictures explain themselves (and I’ve had to build this post three times due to technical difficulties)

May 1st – White

May 2nd – Black

May 3rd – Red

May 4th – Orange

Is a mischievous, grinning chair that I’m not sure I’d trust with my backside…


May 5th – Yellow

May 6th – Green

May 7th – Blue

May 8th – Purple

May 9th – Aqua

A quick stalker shot, and I am so pleased with how this turned out.

May 10th – Pink

May 11th – Grey

May 12th – Brown

Always love a bit of rust…

May 13th – Silver

Technically, stainless steel, but it’s silvery.

May 14th – Gold

A bit matt, but gold (or that’s what I classify it as)

May 15th – Pop of colour

May 16th – Matching

May 17th – Pastel

May 18th – Bright

May 19th – Natural

This is a bamboo framed bike, with resin covered string at the joints. Just an amazing find.

May 20th – One colour

A “Ghost bike”, which sadly denotes that there was a fatal accident involving a cyclist on the road.  These seem to be becoming less frequent now in London, thankfully.

May 21st – Two colours

May 22nd – Pattern

May 23rd – Black and White

May 24th – Rainbow

Apparently these are called Spokey Dokes, and most people were amazed they’re still being used (they first appeared in the 80s)

May 25th – My Fave colour

My favourite colour is not fixed, so I’m sure its in here somewhere

May 26th – Clashing

May 27th – Light

May 28th – Dark

May 29th – What I wore today

Well not actually, but I would make sure I would be very visible if I was on a bike…

May 30th – Silhouette

Stalker shot of some natty bike shoes

May 31st – On my head

Safety first!

There we go, I managed to stick with the theme of the Bikes of London throughout the whole month.  I will admit to wanting to throw the towel in a couple of times, but I stuck with it due to some lovely support from other FMSPaD members.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,