Welcome to the latest of my monthly Photo-a-Day collections. The year is just flying by, and I’m struggling to believe it’s April already.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy taking them. Let me know.

March 1st – Something colourful

A colourful jug of brightly coloured tulips, which was onn the desk of my hairdressers


March 2nd – Alone

Away on my holidays, trying to use pictures I’ve taken, and came across this statue of a girl reading her book, looking all serene and alone in her own world.


March 3rd – Old

An old wooden door, at the Real Alcazar in Seville. 


March 4th – Happy

OK, a slightly weird photo for today, but I couldn’t find anything to show happiness in a single photo.  This is a vaguely happy lion I found in a tapestry in the Real Alcazar in Seville.


March 5th – Flowers

Flowers in Seville, with a surprising visitor.


March 6th – Out the window

Moving on to Cordoba, this is the view of today’s sunrise from the hotel window. 


March 7th – phone

I love this photo, and felt a bit of a fool taking it.  But I use my phone more as a camera than anything else.  And this room (the Ambassador’s Room in the Real Alcazar in Seville) was mind blowing.


March 8th – grateful for…

The chance (and privilege) to travel the world, to see and experience new things, to learn about different cultures and to broaden my horizons.
I can’t show that in a photo, other than to share a view I have seen in the last few days (oh, I am also grateful for the patience to wait for a gap. In the flow of people to get an empty shot)


March 9th – bird

Bird or two finding a place to rest for the night inside the Alhambra Palace


March 10th – words

Words of an arabic/Islamic nature… In gold and blue words surround the mihrab of the Mezquita-Catedral of Córdoba. I do not know what these words mean. But I find the Arabic script so entrancing in Its beauty and love how incorporated into the decoration it is.

The mihrab, for those that want to know, is the niche denoting the direction of Mecca, and therefore the direction to pray, in a mosque.


March 11th – about me

About me was lovely sunshine, and a palm around my head.


March 12th – my mood today

It was the last day of my holiday, so a teeny bit of holiday blues.   I was leaving a place that I found entrancing and would have loved to spend longer.  

I do also love my job, so it was definitely not the dread of returning to work.


March 13th – jewel

This elegant thing is a crown for the statue of St Mary found in the Sacristy of Seville Catherdal.


March 14th – simple

A simple light making an intriguing pattern on the wall.


March 15th – kid

An image from the archive of a young girl with a hare on her head.  

I will admit to groaning over this prompt as I don’t have a small child (or goat) nor do I feel comfortable with taking and posting an image of someone else’s child.


March 16th – on the ground

An orange, in a puddle, on the ground in Seville.

#FMS_onthe ground

March 17th – something Green

My privet hedge is just bursting into new growth, which is a lovely bright green.


March 18th – jar

A cupboard full of jars that I have filled with marmalade, chutnies and jam.  


March 19th – funny

Words of wisdom seen in a diner toilet in Sedona, from two years ago.


March 20th – A pile

A pile of my shoes….

To be completely honest this is only a slight exaggeration of my shoe storing approach.


March 21st – wall

A wall of a highly decorated sort, with a scatter of light.  This was taken in the Nasrid Palace of the Alhambra in Granada (obviously)


March 22nd – craving

Coffee, sugar, chocolate…

…oh, and sleep, peace, quiet and time to take photos…


March 23rd – ok

OK, so I was still eating my Christmas Cake… and enjoying every bite…


March 24th – black and white

Oh, the black and white prompt… where I end up trying to find a “natural” found black and white image, rather than converting a colour one… 

…this time I spotted a white cherry tree in bloom against the night sky as I walked home from work.

I have also realised that I often convert a colour photo to black and white because it looks nicer.  Maybe I’ll have to change my idea for this.


March 25th – fashion

Take some glass, and fashion an iconic image from it.  My stained glass storm trooper. 


March 26th – sky

A sky blue sky, behind the wonderful cherry blossom that is currently creating beautiful puffs of happiness.


March 27th – home

Home is wherever my hat is laid.

With apologies to Paul Young


March 28th – stick

A stick that supports my orchid.


March 29th – mirror

Still water in the baths at the Real Alcazar, Seville acting as a mirror to reflect the arches.


March 30th – park

In Seville the hotel had an underground carpark, so you needed to drive your car into a lift (yes, that is a car lift) and the hotel staff gave you a hand.  This is my dad  doing it, I had to cope with driving through the streets.


March 31st – fix

Fix of a caffeine nature.   

I love my caffeine and do need a morning fix, although I don’t take it like this: a black americano is preferred.


Bonus photo

The full Stormtrooper, mounted on a light box so it can glow.

So that’s the selection of photos that I submitted for the March Photo-A-Day group. I do hope that you enjoy seeing these photos.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,