I can’t believe that we’ve already completed the June prompts: This year feels like it is flying by!  I’m not certain if doing a daily challenge like this makes the days pass more slowly or faster!

Anyway, here are the photos I submitted for the FMS Photo a Day challenge in June 2018.

June 1st – This is Good…

This is Good Omens:

–  a favourite book written by two of my favourite authors, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

–  a favourte TV series, adapted by Neil Gaiman at the request of the late (sadly missed) Sir Terry Pratchett.

June 2nd – I care about this

I care about this patch of ground, which I call my garden.  I do my best to look after the plants and wildlife* and try to be organic.  We have plenty of birds now and the occassional squirrel and fox.

*Except the slugs and snails, they’re my nemesises (nemesii ?) and we are at perpetual war, but I try to use nematodes to control them.

June 3rd – Repeat

Repeating arches and reflections at the Alhambra Palace, Granada.

June 4th – Herbs

The herbs that went into my Spag Bol.  This is my interpretation of a Bolognese sauce, but I wouldn’t dare to say it was anything like authentic to an Italian.   I break so many traditions that the Italian cooks will scream at me.

June 5th – Object

Discovered at the Shop at Tate Britain: an Object objects to something… I fear someone wasn’t excited by the exhibition*.

*It wasn’t me: I loved the Burne-Jones paintings.

June 6th – A drink

The lengths we go to for PaD, I had to pour myself a drink of Gin just for this…

June 7th – Perfect

A perfect rose, with a glorious scent… Nature does it best

June 8th – Imperfect


I am a work in progress, but I am far from perfect.

June 9th – Sock

Sock and sandal?!?! NEVER!

I don’t wear socks and sandals, except that one time when I really badly burned the tops of my feet on holiday…

June 10th – A room

Where I work in Clerkenwell. 

June 11th – I like to eat this!

I like to eat what’s in season, and currently they’re these gooseberries (with some sugar)

June 12th – Spotty

A red and white spotted cover for a bike seat, a hang over from last month’s Bikes of London theme.

June 13th – Open up

A can of something refreshing and fizzy (non-alcoholic as I was working)

June 14th – Purple

Lavendar growing and flowering in my garden.

June 15th – Chocolate

A chocolate yoga bunny that I was given for Easter by my Sister-in-Law.  Which I believe is based upon the work of Brian Russo.

I was delighted that this photo was chosen as one of the Notable Nice for this prompt.

June 16th – In a bowl

More chocolate, this time Peanut M&Ms in a bowl… 

…they didn’t last very long.

June 17th – Circle

A dark circle of caffeinated goodness… in my Kleen Kanteen.

June 18th – Peace

Peace and quiet for a Canada Goose to close it’s eyes and chill.

June 19th – I watched this…

This duck chase off the seagull that was wanting some duckling for lunch.  Sadly it was utlimately successful, but I won’t show that photograph.

June 20th – Money

Money of a European kind

June 21st – On my mind

I was at a course on Feet, Fascia and Function by James Earls (Author of Born to Walk) so feet were on my mind.

This was chosen to be one of the Fab Four for today, which was an absolute delight.

June 22nd – Musical

One of my favourite musicals…

June 23rd – A story

A story of the end of a successful bodywork course: stacked massage tables waiting to be reunited with their covers.

June 24th – Unexpected

A man with a pink unicorn on his back was an unexpected sight at Liverpool Street Station.  I hope the recipient was delighted with it.

June 25th – This season

This season is peonies, everywhere I look there they are!

June 26th – I’m passionate about this

I’m passionate about Fascia, and learning about fascia.

June 27th – Sun

Sun reflecting on the water, at the cottages we stayed at outside Dundee

June 28th – Orange

I was away on a course, and this was the only orange thing in the cottage… 

Also one of the worst photos I’ve submitted (I was in a rush) but I needed to submit something.

June 29th – On my fridge

A view of the magnets on my fridge

June 30th – Hole

A handle curls around to form a hole, with another inside, and another inside.  Travelling home from my courses in Scotland, and the woman next to me must have thought I was very strange.

So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was delighted to have been chosen twice as one of the Fab photos.  Although I feel I have submitted my worst photo as well this month, but I submitted a photo.

Thanks for reading this blog, my lovely Interonauts and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.