So, welcome to the July collection of photos.  Again there was no overarching theme this month.

1st July – Reflection

It was a stormy day when I was heading home, so seeing blue sky reflected in the office windows was wonderful.

2nd July – Letters

Some letters from a recent trip to Barcelona.

3rd July – Human

I hate photographing humans, so don’t take many.  I was a bit stumped until I remembered this wonderfully lifelike statue of Jesus working in his father’s carpentry shop.  It shows a really human aspect and can be found on the Nativity Facade of La Sagrada Familia.

4th July – I’m working on…

I was at work, and it was a all I could think of…. I was working on my clients on this couch.

5th July – Wall

I do love a good weathered brick wall… so much detail in them.

6th July – Bright colours

I had the great fortune to St Vincent in concert and her staging was full of bright colours.

7th July – A Fave place

Where else could I choose as a Favourite Place but the Walthamstow Wetlands.  This is a favourite spot within the wetlands, the bridge by the Pumphouse.  You can watch a short video I took of the river on my vimeo page.

8th July – Out of focus

Everything is out of focus, but still captures a feeling of duck in flight.

9th July – A boomerang

Yes, this is an Australian led group, but this is the first time we’ve had a very aussie prompt…fortunately my SO had an actual boomerang in the office.

10th July – Behind Someone

Standing behind someone as I was about to take a very similar photo of the model of Casa Mila (La Pedrera) in Barcelona.

11th July – Interior

It had to be the stunning interior of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona…

12th July – Exterior

And then an exterior shot of La Sagrada Familia, this is the stunning Passion Facade.

13th July – Life

Life in the Undergrowth.  A cricket (or grasshopper) in my garden.

14th July – Create a postcard

The most postcard shot I took of La Sagrada Familia, so yes visit Barcelona.

15th July – Where I stood

Where I stood, having a breather as I descended the stairs of one of the towers of La Sagrada Familia.

16th July – Pattern

A beautiful pattern on the wings of a Garden Tiger Moth that was in my garden.

17th July – Water

London was just at the start of the big heatwave where temperatures went over 40C (104F) for the first time every, so hydration was on my mind.

18th July – Street Photography

For a couple of weeks the setting sun aligns with this street and reflects of this silver building.  It is a pedestrian streeet so the guy on the bike can be really irritating.

19th July – A Cylinder

It was the day the UK first recorded a temperature over 40C (104F) and water was on my mind.  This is one of my water bottles, and it was one that I picked up in Cape Cod in 2019 so has slight sentimental value too.

20th July – Hug

This beautiful hug is a statue called “Minotaur and lady hare embrace” and it’s by Sophie Ryder.  This was a dip into the archive to 2016 and a visit to Salisbury.

21st July – A church

This lovely church can be found in Canyelles, near Vilanova a la Getru in Spain.  It was the nearest village to where the yoga holiday was, and the village had an ice cream shop with the darkest chocolate icecream… heavenly.

22nd July – Current interest

I am always head in a book, learning something.  At the moment I am reading about the breath, both from a yoga perspective but also from a therapeutic view. Expect more blogs about breathing soon.

23rd July – Still life

A still life is a study of a collection of things, and often there is something “dead” in there… thank goodness I have a model skull to brighten things up a bit.

24th July – A metaphor

My face is an open book… 

The hardest thing was working out what a metaphor is, and then choosing one to photograph.  I used a bit of photo magic to superimpose a book of mine over my face.  And it paid off as I was selected as one of the Fab Five for this prompt.

25th July – Beauty

Beauty of a white osteospermum flower in my garden.  I do love this colour combination.

26th July – Portrait mode

Portrait mode on my camera, says it was ready even if the model wasn’t… It does hide the mess in the background very well.

27th July – Countryside

Not much rural countryside in London, so a dive into the archive for a view of two Henry Moore sculptures at the Henry Moore Foundation in Much Hadham.

28th July – An old Car

An old ambulance that can be found at the wonderful Bletchley Park.  

Doing this prompt I did suddenly realise that I have very little interest in photographing cars.

29th July – Black and White

A rose looks more structural when seen in black and white.

30th July – Happy Days

A trip down memory lane to the “Happy Days” of pre-pandemic travel to Cape Cod for MFR seminar, and having a lark and laughter with friends.

31st July – Sunday Morning

The makings of a sunday morning breakfast…

Yes, it might not be the healthiest of breakfasts, but it is a nice treat at the end of the week.

Another great month has passed, and I was so pleased for two of my pictures to be chosen as a Fab Four (the Street photography one and also the Metaphor one).

No, it’s not about being chosen, but it does make things interesting.  And there are some amazing photographers taking part.

Thanks for looking through my motley selection of photos.  Hope you enjoyed them my lovely interonauts.  There are loads of photos over on my Instagram feed if you don’t already follow me there.