Welcome to this month’s Photo-a-Day collection. There is no theme this month, but it is a nice selection of photos.  I hope you enjoy them.

Feb 1st – Imperfect

Me, I am a work in progress

Feb 2nd – In my cup

Coffee, of course.  I was away on a course so this is the hotel’s mug.

Feb 3rd – Doorway

A glaswegian doorway, which I actually took last year, but it’s suitable as I was up in Glasgow at the start of the month.

Feb 4th – In my hand

A hellebore (Christmas or Lentern Rose) in my garden.  I love these flowers, but I wish they weren’t so droopy.

Feb 5th – Tell a story

Tell a story of modern life meeting modern art.  A statue behind Liverpool Street Station.

Absolutely delighted that this picture was picked as one of the Fab Four.

Feb 6th – Flower

A flower spike on one of my Orchids.  This one hasn’t flowered as well as the others, and is a teeny bit more temperamental (as far as I’m concerned)


Feb 7th – Begins with F

A cold morning gave the opportunity for frost on a car… 

Feb 8th – I have too many…

I have too many books, according to some people…

…not me, I have too few bookshelves.

Feb 9th – Silence

Silence, or you won’t hear the pin drop.

Feb 10th – Writing

Writing my to do list… so many things to get done, so little time

Feb 11th – Skyline

The London skyline from St Paul’s to The Shard, including the Cheese-grater and the Walkie-Talkie

Feb 12th – The Small things

Small, important and sometimes not really appreciated: salt and pepper.

Feb 13th – On the ground

Someone’s orchid has fewer flowers than it should…

Feb 14th – I Love this…

I love this sign that spring is on its way…

…although I’m certain that seeing crocuses in the first week of February is very early.

Feb 15th – Get in the photo

“I want to get in the photo” 

One egyptian goose being photobombed by another.

Feb 16th – Wings

Wings of a Canadian Goose, rampant.

In this case rampant is the Heraldic form where the creature has one foot down and the others in front: attacking.

Feb 17th – Leaf

A leaf carved into the wall of the stairs to an underpass near Hyde Park Corner.

Feb 18th – Show half

Lack of time meant it was half my face for this one.

Feb 19th – More than one

This display of Roman soldiers at the British Museum caught my eye, and more than one is a Legion.

Feb 20th – Growing

A seed growing in a gap between a wall and a fence… 

Delighted that this was chosen as one of the Notable Nine for today’s prompt.

Feb 21st – Fri-yay!

This is a dip into the archive as there wasn’t much Yay on this day, so back to summer last year and a nice gin (a ready mixed Tanqueray was a lovely find).

Feb 22nd – Home decor

My hallway…

Feb 23rd – Big & Small

Two ladles in my kitchen, one big, one small.

Feb 24th – Corner

Corner of a building near to the Clerkenwell Clinic.

Feb 25th – Heart-shaped

Heart shaped crystals, which I bought in Sedona, Arizona in March 2017.

Feb 26th – White on White

White cotton wool buds, on a white background.

Feb 27th – Delicious

Desperation strikes again: my lunch (Chicken Fajita wraps) were quite delicious.

Feb 28th – Under

Under the roof of Paddington station.

Feb 29th – Repeat

Jump, jump, jump… repeat instructions.

Bonus photo

Another leaf from the subway near Hyde Park Corner

So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was lucky enough to have been chosen as a fab four twice this month, which was a lovely surprise.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts.