Welcome to this month’s Photo-a-Day collection. It’s a bit later than normal as I’ve managed to get away on holiday and took a break from the website. I hope you enjoy these photos, and there will be another one along very shortly.

Feb 1st – Something blue

A blue paper bag, crushed after I ate the Almond croissant inside… 


Feb 2nd – Street art

I had hoped to head out and find something interesting in my neighbourhood, or nearby, but failed. So a quick dip into my archive for these ones decorating some pillars in Berlin…  There was so  much gorgeous street art in Berlin, it made me appreciate it a lot more.


Feb 3rd – Carrot

Carrot julienned for coleslaw (along with cabbage and red onion) being created by my SO.

It was interesting to see how people became creative in representing something as simple and humble as a carrot.


Feb 4th – Peek-a-boo

No small ones to photograph playing peek-a-boo with, so back to making a fool of myself with the camera.


Feb 5th – Water

A water bird (Female tufted duck, I think) enjoying the water at the Walthamstow Wetlands.


Feb 6th – Opposites

Light/dark… Heaven/Hell…. Angel/Demon… take your pick as to which opposite it is.


Feb 7th – Card

A humble card tube from inside a toilet roll, nothing special, but looks different with this lighting, and fold of the corner was fortuitous. 


Feb 8th – Fave smell

I don’t think I have one single favourite smell, but if I have to provide a selection then it includes the smell:

  • of Christmas spices (like these biscuits)…
  • of baking bread…
  • of grinding coffee…
  • of frying bacon…
  • of a rose…
  • of lavender…
  • of the world after rain…
  • of the sea*…

And I was at work where none of those were, so I had to dip into the archives…


Feb 9th – Pet

I will admit that seeing this prompt in the list for this month made my heart sink, as we have not replaced our cat who we had put down in 2016 (who lived with us for 17 years) and it’s still surprisingly painful to see photos of. 

Instead, this is my sister-in-law’s dog, Boo. A gorgeous chocolate Labrador waiting patiently for attention at Christmas.


Feb 10th – Umbrella

Trying for a different perspective of an umbrella, straight down and catching a snap before it fell over.


Feb 11th – Friend



Feb 12th – Work

Workmen coming down the stairs at the station I was waiting at was too good an opportunity. 

For some reason I started to hear “Hi Ho!, Hi Ho! It’s off to work we go…” 


Feb 13th – Super duper

Not really certain what to submit for this… so went with a photo I’d taken the day before at the wetlands of an Egyptian Goose flying towards me that turned out to be quite good.


Feb 14th – Love

Taken at last month’s Welcome to the Forest event, these lights were created by God’s Own Junkyard and seemed most appropriate for this prompt (and I’d been saving it up, thinking we might have something like this).


Feb 15th – Ink

I don’t have any tattoos (thought about it, but then decided against it) and I had no fountain pens near by (and I did a cartridge photo last August) this was the best I could come up with.

It was then followed with frantic scrubbing of my palm to get rid of it before my next client.


Feb 16th – Balance

I thought about srtiking a pose, but ultimately decided to let one of my YogaJoes do the hard work, as they do it soo much better than I do.

This was chosen as one of the Fab Four, which was a very pleasant surprise.


Feb 17th – Kindness

The kindness of a stranger gave me inspiration for this prompt (how do you show kindness in a photo?!) I needed to buy a lemon and some feta* and the gentleman with two small children and a big basket of groceries insisted I paid before him as I only had these two items.


*Not for the same dish, but I’d forgotten to buy them when shopping the previous day.

Feb 18th – Shadow

Shadow of a display at the Neues Museum in Berlin last November.


Feb 19th – Above your head

Taken at my beloved Wetlands, above my head was a beautiful blue sky, with contrails and a solitary cloud hanging over the bird hide.

This prompted someone to wonder how many flights there are each day that pass over our head in London, and at it’s busiest there are 8,000 flights in a single day.


Feb 20th – A photo

A dip into the physical photos to a time way back when I had blonde hair.  Yep, I bleached my hair for many years, this was the first time in December 2000 when I went to Sydney, and this image of me was taken of me emerging from an art installation of steam.  I think I suggested taking it and glad that I did.


Feb 21st – Little details

The little details of the inside of an iris, I do sometimes think that Mother Nature really does things best.


Feb 22nd – Something you want

This edition of the Dark is Rising.  It is one of my favourite books, and everyone seems to only want that edition and it is out of print.  


Feb 23rd – Inspirational

This the Heron spell from the astonishing and inspirational book “The Lost Words” by Jackie Morris (Images) and Robert MacFarlane (Words).  This started as a beautiful protest as words of nature were being removed from children’s dictionaries, and has spread through many schools and inspired teachers and children to draw and write.  It has also inspired folk artists to write songs based on them. 


Feb 24th – Create

Creating crumble topping from sugar, flour, butter and muesli base.


Feb 25th – Seeing the good

Spiders have a bad reputation, but without them we would be overwhelmed with flies.  They also create beautiful structures that are their webs.


Feb 26th – Blue & Green

The gorgeous blues and hint of green of a peacock


Feb 27th – Rad

Having building work done last year introduced me to the word “rad” as a contraction of Radiator.  Here’s the Contemporary Rad I now have in my bathroom. 


Feb 28th – Sleep

Sleep with a great book (which didn’t send me to sleep).  Read my blog on the book here


So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was lucky enough to have been chosen as a fab four this month, which was a lovely surprise. 

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts.



*always makes me smile, as the smell of the sea is mostly the smell of rotting of seaweed…