So here we are at the end of 2018, with the twelfth of my photo a day collections.  I have also been doing the December Reflections led by Susannah Conway, and I hope that I’ve not been overwhelming you with too many photo posts.

December 1st – I stood here

I stood here, with my SO, in the Jewish Museum in Berlin, contemplating the meaning behind the architecture and the horrors of war.

Strangely, this is one of my favourite photos that I have taken, and it got very little love/likes from the PaD group (which I dont’ chase, but…)   I was then absolutely over the moon to have this photo chosen to be one of the Notable Nine by the admin team.


December 2nd – A good habit

Cleaning your teeth is always a good habit.


December 3rd – Treat

I was introduced to Nata (Portuguese custard tarts) by Linda from MFR UK on the way back from Berlin.  I may put on a lot of weight, these things are addictive, and I’ve discovered they sell them at the coffee shop near to the Clerkenwell clinic.


December 4th – Time

I was completely stumped, but used the train to go to the Walthamstow Wetlands, so I got some strange looks as I stopped to photograph the time table…


December 5th – Over

Another prompt that I was completely stumped by, and then got it stuck in my head that six balls make an over…

…so a quick photo and some editing and voila!


December 6th – Mail

Some parcels, containing lovely goodies…


December 7th – Under

At the Walthamstow Wetlands you can stand under the electricity pylons and get this lovely pattern of lines.  I’m really impressed I managed to get the cross bars lined up properly


December 8th – Dinner time

I get home late most nights, and my dear SO prepares dinner, I was able to catch him tossing some pesto through some pasta for dinner. 


December 9th – I bought this

A devil from Berlin, he does have an angelic counterpart that might appear at another time.  I think I’ll call them Crowley and Aziraphale…


December 10th – Joy

Oh, joy… another prompt that would be easier with a child to photograph… 

…or maybe my Grinch side coming out… An alternative is further down…


December 11th – Begins with S

A star of shining stars….

…OK, i guess they’re flaming stars, but I wanted to be alliterative.


December 12th – Lights

The arch of lights at this year’s Kew at Christmas.  I wish I had the space and lights to do this, it was stunning.


December 13th – Decoration

These wooden beauties were bought in Berlin last month.


December 14th – I made this!

This is the second of the fruit cakes I’ve made this year for Christmas. This one made without nuts (my Sister-in-law is allergic) and it won’t be quite as boozy as the first one.


December 15th – Peace

A sticker I spotted at Urban Nation in Berlin last month, seemed perfect for today.


December 16th – Hat

At a friend’s 30th birthday party (1920s fancy dress) I borrowed a friend’s hat and drunkenly took a few fetching selfies… 


December 17th – Snack

A mince pie, not the healthiest snack, but one I struggle to resist at this time of year.


December 18th – Card

A 3D pop up card that I was given last year, but couldn’t throw away, and it is now likely to become one of the decorations that come out each year


December 19th – Tree

A tree, an arch and a crescent moon, taken at Coal Yard Drop in London on my way to a Carol Concert.


December 20th – Wrapping

The essentials for wrapping presents: paper, tape and scissors…. No wrapping had been done by the time this was taken.


December 21st – Something Green

A small green stocking, with the obligatory clementine/satsuma/tangerine…

Apparently the orange fruit represents the bag of gold that St Nicholas gave to a poor family, which inspired the giving of gifts we now do.


December 22nd – Makes me feel merry

My gin collection, too much of this definitely makes me merry… But do drink responsibly.


December 23rd – Together

My family and I together under the light arch at Kew.


December 24th – Gift

A gift from a client, all waiting under the tree.  The green shot silk was a gift from the universe, as I looked out of my bedroom window one blustery morning and found a large length of it stuck in the tree outside, I took it in and have used it to cover the base of my Christmas Tree for many years.


December 25th – Morning

Morning ritual on Christmas day is to gather on my parents bed (if we’re there) and open the stocking presents. 


December 26th – Relax

We traveled around more than than normal this Christmas, and this was arriving at one of the stops (with the In-laws) and finally relaxing for a couple of hours.


December 27th – Freechoice

An egret basking in the sunshine at the Walthamstow Wetlands earlier this month.  Whilst free choice photos are great, they’re also really hard to choose…


December 28th – Fave animal

I love most animals, and this one makes me laught: Feathers McGraw from Wallace and Grommit’s The Wrong Trousers (one of my all time favourite animations).


December 29th – Made me smile

Santa hat wearing, smiling, Sprout shaped Christmas lights… what’s not to smile about.


December 30th – Self-portrait

To me a (self) portrait should share something about the sitter: in this case me and the fact I love books.  So the most asked questions were: what was I reading (The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams, which I’d read before and chose purely because of it’s immense size) and what are the pictures behind me (Book covers for the Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionovar Tapestry series of books, created by Martin Springett) 

I was gobsmacked and delighted that this photo was chosen as one of the Notable Nine. 


December 31st – Yay!

So, a tricky prompt for the last one of the year, and all I can say is that I was delighted to remember I still had plenty of Honeycake tree biscuits (Christmas in a biscuit)


Bonus photo

…The more cheerful Joy photo


Bonus photo 2

Well, what do you put on a Christmas tree in a Chiropractic Clinic?  A gold sprayed cervical vertebra. 

Bonus photo

The devil’s angelic counterpart…


So that’s it for December, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was absolutely delighted to be picked not once by twice to be one of the “fabbers” and almost bracketing both ends of the month.  I was also taking part in the December Reflections as well, and there will be a separate post with all of those.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,