Welcome to the August collection of my Photo a Day pictures. After many months of Lockdown due to Covid-19, I am back at work, with a few changes so less chance for creative photos (in my mind) although there are a few dips into the archive.

There was no overarching theme this month, however there sort of was as all of the prompts were suggested by members of the group…  I have found some of them very difficult to photograph (there are times when it is much easier to have a small person or a pet around for…)  I hope you enjoy them.

August 1st – I woke up here

I woke up in my own bed… no where special.

August 2nd – Sunrise/Sunset

A sunset seen last year in Cape Cod, where there were spectacular sunsets (I really am not someone who willingly sees many sunrises)

August 3rd – Kindness

A poster I saw near Bethnal Green Overground station.

August 4th – A quiet moment

A pause, in nature, in one of my Happy Places: the Walthamstow Wetlands.

August 5th – Flora

Caught between the water and the edge of the reservoirs at the Wetlands, these daises somehow grow.

August 6th – People

People do the strangest things to get the photograph.  I will admit that before this I had done exactly the same thing, in a different room of the Real Alacazar in Seville. 

August 7th – Art or Craft

Art that is made of crafted glass?  The Chihuly exhibition at Kew, as seen at night (and then the art of good lighting comes into it’s own).

August 8th – Happy Place

The Walthamstow Wetlands have been my Happy Place for a number of years, and they have kept me going during lockdown.   But a big Happy Place for me is the Yorkshire Dales, and Fountain’s Abbey in particular.  I guess its a happy place becuase of many wonderful holidays and Geography Field Trips to the area.

August 9th – Sweet

It’s cherry season, and these are sooo sweet. 

August 10th – Sunny

It was a sunny day on the day of this prompt, but with temperatures around 35C we had blinds closed and were avoiding the sunshine.  So instead I went for sunny and cheerful as a Sunflower.

August 11th – Wave

That awkward wave that we all seem to do at the end of a Zoom call…

Totally amazed that this was  chosen as one of the Fab Five or the day.

August 12th – Create

A street artist pauses in the midst of the creative process.

The artist is a lady called Isa Malagon and this is her IG profile (I like to credit the artists where I can)

August 13th – Fresh air

The feeling of fresh air after removing the face mask.

August 14th – I made this

I made this flapjack, and it is yummy (and so simple to make)

August 15th – A mask selfie

I now have to wear one for work, as well as a visor.  I’m not going to complain as I always like to keep my clients safe.

August 16th – I value

I value nature, and in particular the Walthamstow Wetlands, which have been a big part of my life this year.

August 17th – Finished

This was the day that I took the final assessment of the TMJ1 course, which I started during lockdown.  I passed.

August 18th – In my home

In my home there are books, lots and lots of beautiful, wonderful books… and lots of artwork (these are the Dave Mack prints of illustrating Neil Gaiman’s words).

August 19th – What happiness looks like

This is what happiness looks like in the dictionary, through a glass ball.  I had absolutely no inspiration for today.

August 20th – Shapes

Shapes on the ceiling of a hotel lift.

August 21st – Joy

Again, lacking in inspiration, but joy was felt in leaving work for the week and cooling down after a long hot day.

August 22nd – This evokes a memory

This is a scale model of a forcola, which is the rowlock used on a Venetian Gondola.  Seeing this each day brings back memories of going to Venice, and also standing and watching other forcole being created in the last forcole workshop in Venice.

August 23rd – Pet

My last pet, my cat, died four years ago and we have not replaced him.  However, this cat seems to have ideas about taking over… He is not our cat.

August 24th – Plant

A bamboo plant in the rain, taken whilst heading home from work last week.

August 25th – Life is

Life is busy, as things return to some form of normal, with work and homelife finding a new balance.  And planning some new courses, of course.


August 26th – Shadow

Typically there was no sun on the day for this prompt, so a quick search of the archives to find this photo of the shadow of some street furniture near Bethnal Green train station.

August 27th – Beauty

Some Great Crested Grebes courting see beauty in each other, and I find them beautiful too.

August 28th – Coffee

I’d finished my morning coffee before I thought about this prompt, so didn’t have a photo of the actual black nectar, so a handful of beans had to suffice.

August 29th – How I feel…

I wasn’t feeling anything obvious today, although I was starting to relax for the Bank Holiday weekend, so a photo was a bit tough.

August 30th – Take it easy

I was up early (for a Bank Holiday Sunday) to head to see an exhibition of Anish Kapoor’s work at Houghton Hall, north Norfolk, so it wasn’t a particularly relaxing start.  But this chaise-longue looked very enticing.  The rest of the day was quite easy as we wandered around the ground.

August 31st – Energy

My kindle ran out of juice during lockdown (I was reading actual books for a while) and so this was the screen as I started charging.

So that’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I was so fortunate, and amazed, to be chosen for the Wave prompt.  It was a moment of desparation that caught the judge’s eye and also captured life at the moment.

There will be a constant (some might think endless) stream of photos on my Instagram feed, so if you can’t wait until next month then follow me there. There will be another summary of my photos next month.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,