After last month’s fun double theme of the Alphabet with Grogu, we return to a more normal month of photos.

April 1st  – The Sky

The sky was a brilliant blue and the white liquid oxygen tanks at the Water Treatment plant looked wonderful against it, and the little white dot of the moon.

April 2nd – People

People of Walthamstow waiting to cross the road.

April 3rd – Chair

This was the first chair that I re-upholstered, which also included changing the webbing undeerneath.  

April 4th – Fence

This wire fence is on the way to the Wetland, and last autumn the wind was blowing the fallen leaves against it.  It looked marvellous and they were just being held there by the wind.

April 5th – Balloon

A pink balloon pretending to be an Easter Egg

April 6th – Swing

A pensive angel sitting on a swing, part of larger art installation near St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

April 7th – Vehicle

A vehicle of a public transport time.  One of those times when I was the only one on the carriage… and even the time was symmetrical.

April 8th – A mood

I was in a bit of a “mood” on the day of this prompt, so a view of that was in order.  I was definitely feeling some anxiety at returning to work on the 12th April, still getting over the funk I’ve been in this winter (see this blog for more). I was also going through a period of insomnia, which seems to have passed, but was really not helping my mood at the time.

April 9th – A beautiful sight

I do always find Great Crested Grebes a beautiful sight, especially if I can sneak close to them like this.

April 10th – Donut

I forgot to see what doughnuts (correct spelling as far as I’m concerned) the local supermarket had.  So I had to dive into the archive for a photo from Shaftesbury Avenue…

To be honest, I can really take or leave doughnuts (except the ones from Considerit Chocolate in Edinburgh which are amazing, but sadly they don’t deliver to London) but I’ve been told I need to check out the doughnuts from this shop.

April 11th – Picture

A picture or two in my kitchen.  The artist is Rachel Toll (

April 12th – Mirror

This was the day I returned to working in clinics after Lockdown 3.0 was eased, and so this is me in the (rather less than clean) mirror in what was the massage room, but is now where we get ready for the day.

April 13th – Water drops

I love how waterbirds feathers are water repellant and you can see the water drops on the back of this Grebe (told you I love them).

April 14th – Clean

Back at work, so clean, clean, clean between each client…

April 15th – Money

Special editions of the 50p coins…

April 16th – Splash

A canadian goose causing a bit of a splash as he sees off a rival.

April 17th – Night photography

A colourful night view, from that archives, as I’ve not been out at night for sometime…

April 18th – Graffiti

When does Street Art become just Graffiti…?  To me the tagging is less interesting and so graffiti, whilst the design and picture is Street Art…

April 19th – Crisp

A dip into the archive to a cold, crisp morning…

April 20th – Pasta

Linguine, waiting to be cooked… I do love pasta.

April 21st – Kiss

A famous kiss, from behind, taken at the British Museum’s Rodin Exhibition.

April 22nd – Socks

Choosing the day’s socks.

April 23rd – Moon

The moon over one of the Barbican towers during Golden Hour.

April 24th – Triangle

Triangles, and wings, at a local shopping centre.

April 25th – Ugly Location

A stairwell at the National Theatre, Southbank, which many people consider to be a concrete monstrosity…

I like the Brutalism, as did the judge for the day who chose this to be one of the Fab Four for the day for the Facebook Group, and also for the Instagram group.

April 26th – Ice cream

 Another dip into the archive, for a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Joana Vasconcelos’ Ice cream cone.  The cone is made up of brown “croissant” shapes, then yellow is bananas, green is pears, and red is strawberries, there was a white but I have no idea what it was meant to be….

April 27th – Path

Path, with goslings, as I had to share the cuteness.

April 28th – Stop

A temporary bus stop, on the way to work at Clerkenwell.

April 29th – Made from wood

This amazing shape is the Metropol Parasol in Sevilla, Spain, also known as Las Setas de Sevilla, and amazingly it is built from wood, covered in fire retardant.  And you can go up top to the viewing platform.

April 30th – Spider web

A spider web on a light, I love cobwebs as they remind me of fascia….  I still do the mad robot dance if I accidentally walk into one.

So that’s it for this month.  Absolutely delighted to be nominated for a Fab Four, even though that isn’t really why I take part.  Also wonderful to be back at work. There will be more photos on my Instagram feed as we head into May.

So thank you for looking through this series of photos.