So here is the photo collection for April 2019.  I still love this group, and taking the photos makes me pay attention to everything around me.  So here are this month’s photos. 

April 1st – fun

Fun doesn’t have to be small children, fun can be sitting reading and getting lost in another world.  This is me in getting lost in Osten Ard, a world created  by Tad Williams, and the image behind me is the cover of “To Green Angel Tower” by Michael Whelan.


April 2nd – This is me

This is me after my shower but untamed on the day I was going to then have a haircut, so all a bit more respectable now.

This photo was chosen by @littlemomentsapp (the official Instagram account for the FMS PaD group) on Instagram as one of their fab four, quite exciting.


April 3rd – environment

This is one of the pylons that cross the Walthamstow Wetlands.  I do have a love/hate with them: I love the shapes they make, but would also love them not to be there at all.


April 4th – Flatlay

Inspired by The Hobbit, this is “What does he have in his pocketses…?”

“Too much” according to my other half.

A flat lay is things arranged on a surface and the photograph is taken straight down.


April 5th – Walk

My shadow walking along the river on the way to the Walthamstow Wetlands.


April 6th – in bed

In bed, reading a good book… always part of my routine before bed, just wish I could sometimes spend all day doing it.


April 7th – Broken

Eggs were broken to make a delicious Bacon & Egg sarnie.


April 8th – Something weird

Just a sculpture of a snail, climbing a wall in Seville…

…this was chosen as  a Fab Four, which was wonderful.


April 9th – Yellow

A yellow Dog’s Tooth Violet (Erythronium Pagoda) which is flowering in my garden at the moment.


April 10th – i did this today



April 11th – Four

Four candles… or ‘andles for forks?

One of the best jokes ever (thanks to the Two Ronnies) and these fine candlesticks can be found in Seville Cathedral.  They are much larger than they appear.


April 12th – cheese

At work today, so all I had was the cheese aisle at the local supermarket.


April 13th – Letters

Letters of a singular variety printed on the outside of a colourful coating for chocolate and peanuts.


April 14th – makes me laugh

Terry Pratchett was an author that generally makes me laugh each and every time I read his books.  Although reading his last book (The Shepherd Crown brought me to tears)  I am still very sad at his passing.


April 15th – night sky

Living in London means that I don’t really see much of the night sky, other than light pollution reflecting from clouds, or a smattering of stars that shine brightly enough for us to see.


April 16th – pjs

Early morning, and a “safe” for social media photo of me in my pyjamas.


April 17th – lunch

An uninspiring photo of a pleasant, but uninspiring lunch… I really dislike these food prompts


April 18th – pink

This is the remains of hte blossom of the cherry tree that is outside our house.   In bloom it is white, but the petals turn pink as they fall off.  Here they gather in the cover of the coal hole.


April 19th – A good thing

Sunshine on a bank holiday weekend, is a good thing… 


April 20th – someone you love

My parents, sitting for a lovely portrait in the Real Alcazar, Seville.

I was delighted that this was chosen as one of the Sensational Six for today.


April 21st – eggs

Had to be chocolate ones.  And these mini eggs are the best


April 22nd – high

High flying, and higher flying.


April 23rd – apple

Apple blossom, currently gracing my little garden.


April 24th – grass

Grass underfoot is a delightful experience.


April 25th – low

Low notes, played on the Double Bass at a Jazz concert.


April 26th – blue

Blue, of a “Kind of Blue” sort…. A jazz session celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Miles Davis’ famous album.  It was awesome to hear it played live.


April 27th – a green food

A pea, petit pois to be precise


April 28th – dirty

Dirty knives and forks…

…this was also chosen to be a fab four on the Instagram page @littlemomentsapp which I was absolutely flabbergasted.


April 29th – freedom

Freedom to fly away… 


April 30th – Golden hour

Golden Hour is the time of day (one in the morning and one at night) when the sun’s light makes things glow.  This was taken in Seville last month, but  I wasn’t able to get anywhere on this day.


So that’s it for this month.  I was astounded and delighted to have been chosen as one of the notable photographs four times!  Twice in the facebook group and once by the instagram group.  I am always so excited when this happens, and having the photo of my parents chosen was really special.

So thank you for looking through this series of photos.