Welcome to the third of my monthly Photo-a-Day collections. The year is just flying by, and hopefully by the time I publish this the weather will be much more spring like than it was at the end of February.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy taking them. Let me know.

Mar 1st – Two

Two little soldiers sitting quietly, peacefully…. My Yoga Joe’s making another appearance in the Photo-A-Day (PAD) collection. These little guys are great fun and bring a smile to many people in the PAD community.


Mar 2nd – Coffee

I do love my morning coffee. I particularly like a nice strong americano, without milk. I am also very partial to a pastry to go with it.


Mar 3rd – Food

I don’t really like taking photographs of food, so I wasn’t particularly inspired by this prompt. There are lots of wonderful pictures of cakes/tarts and other scrumptious foods posted for this prompt, but I decided to try something a little bit different and just show my store cupboard in my kitchen. Yes, I do love marmite!


Mar 4th – Shadows

Walking home from work, in the snow, I noticed that the street lights were providing a number of layers of shadows, which made an interesting shape, especially where my shadow and the car shadow overlapped.


Mar 5th – Loud

“It goes one louder….”

A quote from This is Spinal Tap, that was the only inspiration I had for this prompt… The volume goes up to eleven.


Mar 6th – Silent

Silent contemplation… or meditation, with or without incense.

We are never in a truly silent world, there are things that create sound waves that reach our eardrums and our brain labels them as nice or nasty or a nuisance, but they are just energy. If we were in total silence, then we would hear the sound of our blood rushing through our blood vessels… we are creatures of noise. I wrote a bit more about it all in this blog post.


Mar 7th – Begins with B

Buds, burgeoning on my blueberry bush. Spring is hopefully on the way.


Mar 8th – Different

One of these yoga mats is not like the others… I love the colour of the lonely pink mat in Studio 2 at Clerkenwellbeing.


Mar 9th – Peep

Peep through the bit of plain glass that has been left in the original* stained glass in my front door.  A slight shame that there’s nothing very interesting on the other side.

*The stained glass is original to the door, and appropriate for the house, but we reclaimed it from a neighbour’s front garden (with permission) when they replaced with a modern PVC. We were were replacing a horrible 60s aluminium thing. It took a fair bit of work to clean and tidy it all up.


Mar 10th – Savoury

The first thing that sprung to mind for savoury was Marmite, which I like to combine with peanut butter on my toast in the morning. This was a very divisive post: Marmite you love it or hate it; Vegemite is better* (FMS PaD originates in Australia); or a you make Peanut Butter savoury! Although I was told about PB and mustard, which sounds intriguing…

*I’ve tried vegemite and the original Marmite is much, much nicer.


Mar 11th – Iconic

I’m in London and one of the most ubiquitous and iconic signs, to me, is the London Underground roundel. I took this on the side of a train at Stanmore and missed getting on the train so I had to catch the next one. The things we do for PaD.


Mar 12th – Pastel

The pastel yellow of an Erythronium ‘Pagoda’. I don’t really do pastels as colour, so I had to trawl my archives to find something. I think I’ll start trying to take pictures of pastel things, as this prompt comes up way too frequently for me…


Mar 13th – Ha!

Not all swans are elegant… This was the most inelegant swan I have seen.  It was one amongst many at the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset.  It was quite amusing as I could feel my hands itching to see whether it would respond to treatments, not that I want to go into treating birds.


Mar 14th – Clouds

Oh, I love walking along looking up and seeing what the sky is doing.  I have so many pictures of clouds it was really hard to choose just the one.

I love to see images in the clouds, and this photo contains a winged creature swooping in.


Mar 15th – Blue and White

A blue “Evil Eye” fish from Turkey, given to me by a friend and a fellow MFR practitioner.


Mar 16th – Money

A solitary pound coin. I was a bit stumped as to how to photograph this in an interesting way, and this was the best I could do.


Mar 17th – Green

The green of a sedum rosette opening, but given a dusting of snow by the “Beast from the East 2.0” that came sweeping in again.


Mar 18th – Bread

Bread crumbs… as fresh bread, which is made weekly in our house thanks to a wonderful breadmaker, doesn’t last long enough to photograph.  Also, I could not take an interesting photo of the full loaf…


Mar 19th – Season

Theoretically we were in Spring, but the Beast from the East swung back and gave us snow, but I’d sneaked this photo of primroses and irises before hand.  I do love spring flowers, and the pale yellow of primroses are always welcome.


Mar 20th – A note

This is a tuning fork, so you’ll only get a single note from it. In this case it is a C (540Hz) Philharmonic pitch.


Mar 21st – Oh no!

Even Renaissance artists knew about the face palm feeling… This was taken in the Civic Museum in Siena a couple of years ago and I really do love this statue. It sums up such a feeling of weary despair.


Mar 22nd – Last thing I bought

So after a week of doing DIY* around the house the only things I’d bought were practical (my lunches were bought but really dull) so I give you the new draught excluder on the cellar door.



* Replacing laminate flooring with second hand solid wood flooring, which I would not do again, and repainting the kitchen.  It’s only phase 1 of redecorating the kitchen, but it was enough for the moment and it look lovely.

Mar 23rd – Candy

Some love hearts.

Confession time: I hate the word ‘Candy’, these are sweets and definitely not lollies. FMS PaD is a global group and it has been fun to see how people describe sweets. Lollies are Australian, and Candy is American.

Confession time (round 2): these were found under a cupboard when decorating the kitchen and I have no idea how long they’d been there… Needless to say they weren’t consumed, after the first one.


Mar 24th – Perspective

The lines of rusty girders that form Ryde Pier vanishing towards the shore.


Mar 25th – What I did today

The day of this prompt was when British Summer Time started, so I went around the house checking that clocks that didn’t automatically update were changed.  Exciting, I know!


Mar 26th – I wish…

I know that I am very fortunate, and there are many things that I wish for (world peace, an end to poverty, etc…) but what I would really love would be to have a day (week/month) in bed (or on the sofa), reading and dozing, and catching up with all the books I want to read but don’t have the time.


Mar 27th – Cute!

Ok, I don’t really *DO* cute: it’s not my style really, and I don’t have a pet or a small child that does cute things. However I do love badges (which some people call Pins, or buttons) and so this is Cute as a (Yeti) Button…

The Yeti badge came from the very talented Wild Whimsy Woolies, and I do have some more cute badges in my collection.


Mar 28th – Path

My route to work has been diverted due to some construction work on the path. It got me to wondering if it might be a metaphor about changing routes on our paths to our goals.

Or it was a fortuitous shot on a cold, damp, grey morning and I had little inspiration.


Mar 29th – Leaves

Due to the continuing cold(ish) weather, there are not many leaves making an appearance on the trees in London. So I had to trawl the archive and found this plant I photographed at Kew a couple of years ago.


Mar 30th – Apple

This is a USB stick, in the shape of an Apple, containing the complete studio albums of The Beatles. You pull the stalk to reveal the USB itself. This wasn’t the image I was originally going for (see bonus picture) but the apple rolled over and looked so lovely.


Mar 31st – Oh my!

My original thought for this prompt was to try to find something a bit risque (thanks to George Takei’s Social Media posts), but the detail in the puppets and scenery for Wes Anderson’s new film “Isle of Dogs” is incredible and made me sigh “oh my!.

I was fortunate enough to get to an exhibition showing a number of the sets and puppets, and I’m probably going to be using a number of them and possibly doing another blog using them.  But I now really want to see the film.


Bonus photo

This was my original idea for the Apple prompt, a take on the Apple vs Apple battle.

I’ve always loved the fact that the first sound effect from Apple Computers was called “Sosumi” (So, sue me) because part of the settlement between these two corporations was that Apple Computers could not create music… My, how things change.

So that’s the selection of photos that I submitted for the March Photo-A-Day group. I do hope that you enjoy seeing these photos.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely interonauts,