Welcome to my blog, it’s likely to be a bit eclectic and a bit messy at times. This blog is not just about the exercises and treatments that I offer, but also a look at things that are of interest to me. I will try to keep it vaguely aligned to the work that I do as a bodyworker (Integrated Myofascial Release Therapist, Sports & Remedial Therapist and ScarWorker), energy worker (Reiki Master, Honey Healing Method Practitioner) and Yoga teacher, but as you can see that is quite a broad range of things. On top of that I love to take photos (check out my instagram account to see what I currently share), reading, cooking and writing. All of which I feel inspired to share, somehow, in this blog.

So there lies my problem (or opportunity): I have a wide range of areas to explore and share. Thinking about it the unifying thread to my interests is the journey to explore how I am: what I am feeling emotionally, mentally, bodily and creatively. So I feel that what my blog is (will be) about is exploring ways to become aware of who I am, how I am feeling, and sharing what I discover. There is a technical word for our sense of how we feel: Interoception, which I’m going to take as a loose inspiration.

We all have this innate ability to sense how our body is feeling (are you feeling hungry or thirsty? do you feel tense or anxious? Are you happy?) which at times we ignore and we move away from ourselves. This sense is what Interoception is, it’s the background hum of what is going on in our bodies. I will probably return to explain this in more detail in another post in the future.

I wanted to have a word to describe myself as I go onto this journey, and we can refer to ourselves in this way, and I felt that Interonaut would be appropriate. Astronauts explore space, Gil Hedley has is Somanauts (explorers of the body) and I feel like I wanted a more internal awareness one.

So I hopefully have explained a tiny bit about what I hope to achieve with this blog, and I’m sure it will have many changes in directions as it continues. But I aim to share my photos (another way to see inside the way I think) from my Photo a Day challenges (starting with the December Reflections run by Susannah Conway)

So I shall see you soon my lovely Interonauts….