The Covid-19 Pandemic that started in 2020 really shook up the world and has had a lasting impact.  I have tried to learn some lessons from this time and rather than just “return to what was” I am continuing some practices that I believe are best practice for my clients and myself.

My practices


These are the practices that I still employ, which were developed as a response to the pandemic:

  • Wearing a mask.  I choose to wear a face mask when I am treating.  I do not require my patients to do so.  I do this to protect my patients from anything that I may have, and to minimise my risk of catching an airborne pathogen.
  • Washing my hands.  This is done before and after each treatment, and to be honest it was done prior to the pandemic.
  • Wiping the couch and surfaces down with disinfectant. This is done between each client, and again is aimed to try to minimise the chance of a client becoming ill from coming to see me.
  • Airing the room.  There are still airing breaks between clients to allow the air to change.  This is being balanced with keeping the room warm enough during treatments.

I am chosing to keep these practices not because I am scared of catching covid (or any of it’s variants).  I am anxious that I do inadvertantly give my clients any virus, even the common cold.  So I will do whatever I can to keep people who come to see me safe and healthy.

I will say that I will also do what I can to avoid becoming sick myself.  I do not want to catch anything as, being honest, I can’t afford to take time off work as I don’t get paid sick leave.

I wish you all the best and hope that you stay safe and well.

Thanks for reading this my lovely Interonauts.


Tim sitting in a room, smiling, with a blue massage couch in the background, bookshelves just visible on the right