After 11 wonderful years of working at the Stanmore Chiropractic Clinic, I have made the difficult decision to leave the clinic.  My last day working at the Stanmore clinic will be Friday 9th September 2022.

Don’t panic as I will continue to work at the Clerkenwell Clinic.

Please note that I will not be accepting new clients at the Stanmore Clinic in September.  My usual practice is to see new patients at least once a week for three weeks, and this can’t be adhered to.


Why am I leaving?

To be perfectly honest, it is the commute.

I use Public Transport and the commute from home takes between 90 minutes and two hours, in each direction.  So, if there are any delays to the public transport system (or strikes) this can take much longer or become impossible.   Yes, I do use the time profitably and read books and literature around my subject, but the journey is still quite draining.

Some of these concerns have been more obvious since my return to work after the Pandemic lockdowns in 2020, and it has become a real drain on me.


Getting to Clerkenwell from Stanmore

For any of my Stanmore (or North West London) clients who wish to come to Clerkenwell.  This clinic is well served by public transport, especially as the Elizabeth Line and Thameslink both stop at Farringdon, which is only a short 10 minute walk from the clinic.  The Metropolitan line also goes to Farringdon or Barbican.  The Northern line (Bank branch) goes to Angel and Old Street (the closer of the two)

This has been a really hard decision to make and it has already been quite an emotional one, especially when I tell my clients what is happening.

Thanks for reading this, my lovely Interonauts.