This stretch is a way to open out the front of the shin, which can be an area that can be quite tight as many of us hold our ankles at ninety degrees when we’re walking.  If you can’t kneel comfortably with the foot out flat in yoga, this might be a useful exercise to try as it is working towards that pose.


None necessary, but probably something to kneel on.

Having a rolled up towel can also be very helpful, especially if you find this position difficult.


  1. Kneel with your knees and feet together.
  2. Sit back onto your heels, getting tall. Sit like this for at least 30 seconds.
  3. To accentuate the stretch, allow the heels to widen to the ankle rolls out to the sides and sit up tall. Sit for a further 30 seconds
  4. Adding a further stretch by grabbing hold of one knee and lifting. Hold for 30 seconds, before repeating with the other knee.
  5. That’s the stretch.



Agony at the front of ankle.

As many people are very tight on the front of the shin, kneeling like this can be agony.  Place a rolled up towel or blanket under the front of the ankle as you sit back on your heels. Over time reduce the diameter of the roll.


Your knees hurt

This position does require full mobility of the knees, and so it can be a bit painful on the knees. If that is the case, place a block/cushion/pillow between your heels and lift the pelvis up a bit.


Knees and ankles hurt

Get both of the props in place, one under the front of the ankles and one between the pelvis and heels. And it might be that you need to go into the position and out of it.


Here’s a short video of me doing the movement.

Thanks for reading this my lovely Interonauts.