One of the most useful tools I use in my Myofascial Release Self Care classes is the peanut.  This is a specialised piece of equipment that is not particularly cheap (Amazon have ones from £7, however the Blackroll one is £15.) I’m really not sure I would want a spiky ball version as a smooth one can be quite intense.  Remember you really do not want to be beating your body up if it is already in pain, which is telling you that your body thinks something is wrong.

You can quite easily create your own from some simple, cheaper, items.


  • A sock (a longer, men’s sock is ideal, and I’m sure a stocking would work).
  • Two tennis balls (or smooth objects of a similar size or a bit smaller)




  1. Place one ball into the sock.
  2. Push all the way to the toe.
  3. Tie a knot in the sock next to the first ball.
  4. Put the second ball into the sock.
  5. Push down next to the knot
  6. Tie a knot to hold both balls into the sock.

The knot is there to maintain a bit of space between the two balls.

I have also seen videos of people taping balls together with gaffer tape, but that means you lose the use of two balls.  With this one you can just untie the sock and take the balls out. 

Thanks for reading this, which is aimed at people who are wanting to come to my Self Care classes.