This is a breathing technique that I learnt on my yoga teacher training.  It is said to cool the body and so should only be practiced during hot weather.

As I write this in July 2022, we are experiencing a heatwave (temperatures over 27C and rising) and I am finding this a useful technique, so I thought I would share.

Please note that this technique feels like it helps to cool you down, however please also ensure that you remain well hydrated, try to avoid being out in the full sun during the hottest part of the day and if you feel unwell due to the heat that you get medical assistance.

This is the link to my blog about hydration.



Tongue shape/position

This is the hardest thing as some people can naturally curl their tongue into a tube like shape, and I am one of those.  I can’t remember if it is hereditary or something that you can teach yourself. (Below left)

If you can’t manage to ddo that you can use your lips as a guide.

Firstly purse your lips as if you were going to blow out a candle or give someone a kiss. (below middle)

Holding the mouth in this O shape, push your tongue forwards and it will form a U shape, this will work for the breathing technique. (Below right)


There is a video below where I try to show you what I am doing.


Adopt your tongue position.

Breathe in through the mouth/tongue tube.

At the end of the inhale, slide the tip of the tongue in and along the roof of the mouth, and tip the head back at the same time.  Imagine you are “swallowing” the air and helping it sink down as cool air sinks. (if the head movement is beyond your or it hurts, then don’t worry about tilting the head back.



Breathe out through your nose and return the head to the normal position and repeat.


Here’s a short video of me showing the technique.

I hope you find this useful, and not too embarrassing to watch.  As I said this is for use during warm and hot weather as a way of feeling like things are cooling down.  

Thanks for reading.