Online Yoga - Video library

This is the video library for the videos made during my Tuesday morning yoga classes.  

These are intended to be used by my students only.  If you have stumbled across this page and want to take part in my class then please get in touch.

Click on the video you want to watch, and click on the four arrows at the bottom right of each video to put them into full screen mode.

Summer 2022

3rd May

Hips and shoulders

24th May
Hips, thoracic rotation, eagle balance
21st June

Sun salute for International Yoga day

12th July

Hips, rotations, & cooling breathing,

Cooling breath

Video of just the breathing technique.

10th May

More hips, kneeling lunges, shoulders

31st May

Hips, arm sways, three legged dog

28th June

Legs, and spinal twists

19th July

Hips, wide legged and cooling breath

17th May
Hips, thoracic rotation, arms
7th June

Hips, pigeon, arms

5th July
Sun salute and feet
26th July

Hips, back bends, arms

Spring 2022

5th April

Includes standing rotation movement

8th March
8th February
18th January
29th March

Includes modified sun salute

1st March
1st February
11th January
15th March

Includes modified Sun salute

22nd February
25th January