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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Update 22nd July 2020: Returning to work.

I am returning to work from Friday 24th July in Stanmore and Monday 27th July in Clerkenwell.

Please note that due to restrictions around the amount of time, cleaning between clients there is a restriction about the appointment lengths available at the moment. 

All clients will have a Zoom or phone conversation with me prior to their appointment

How to make an appointment

  1. Decide at which of the two clinics you want to see me.  If you’re not sure, there is more information about each clinic available on the locations/prices page.
  2. Contact the clinic directly, either by phone (recommended) or email.  The reception team at each clinic manages my appointment diary; they know what appointments are available.

Clerkenwell: 020 7490 4042 (option 1)
Stanmore: 020 8954 8311


Why don’t I manage my own diary?

When I am working with someone, or running a class I am not able to stop to take a call.  Rather than ending up with a series of voicemails or emails between us, it is easier to make use of the reception teams at each clinic.

Why is it recommended to phone the clinic?

My diary can be quite full.  It is easier to talk to a receptionist to find a suitable appointment, rather than having lots of emails bouncing back and forth.  They will also take some contact details and send you an appointment confirmation.

Why is there a long wait for evening appointments?

After work/evening appointments are the more popular and there is limited availability.  Therefore you may have to wait to get one of these slots. If you are fairly flexible, you can ask to be added to the waiting list in case there are any cancellations. Oh, and as there is a 24 hour notice period for all appointments,  please check the Cancellation Policy page.