So, we are in January and there is a plethora of blog posts extolling the wonders of 2018 and about New Year’s resolutions.  I thought I would jump on that band wagon, but also try to keep it a bit light hearted.

For me 2018 was a pretty good year, with quite a few memorable things happening such as actually writing quite a few blog posts (helped by the constant photography posts); attending the 5th International Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, and spending time in the city itself; attending the 3rd British Fascia Symposium up in Solihull; working with lots of lovely clients, and colleagues I met at the various courses and workshops I attended and helped at; home improvements including replacing the 18 year old Kitchen and Bathroom; and whilst I didn’t add any more strings to my work bow, I did have a great deal of fun learning photography techniques for Wildlife Photography, and also discovering the Walthamstow Wetlands.

But that was all last year, and things are moving on.  They never stop really, but we humans like to split things into time units.  I don’t actually do New Year’s Resolutions, so there aren’t any specific goals (terrible business planning I know and I can hear all the life coaches fainting).  I do however love the word Coddiwomple in the picture above: to travel purposefully towards an unknown goal or destination.  This is how I am working at the moment, following the information I get from colleagues, clients and magazines.  Working out what areas I’m not as competent in, or am missing knowledge and following what I free drawn to.  There is no grand direction that I must achieve, as I might miss enjoying the road I’m taking.

Due to the constant learning of the MFR UK Advanced Clinical Diploma and the two year Yoga Teacher Training  I undertook, I said that 2018 would be a year without going on any new courses.  I did repeat some workshops, and did the wildlife photography course, but I managed to not undertake anything major.  However, after a year off from learning anything new, I am back on the path and I will be attending more courses in 2019:

Some planned

  • Yoga workshops with Chloe Freemantle (throughout the year)
  • Travelling to Edinburgh and Glasgow for workshops hosted by MFR UK.  The workshops will be taught by Steven Goldstein (May), James Earls (June) and Carol Davis (June).
  • In depth anatomy (dissection) and biotensegrity with John Sharkey (June)
  • Learning more about Explaining Pain with Lorimer Mosely (May)
  • Books, there will always be lots and lots of books.  I’m not entirely sure what they will be, but there will be lots of books.  Probably many published by Handsping Publishing.  I’m starting with a book about Sleep.


A few dreams:

These probably require lottery wins, anyone from the future able to tell me the winning numbers?

  • Travelling to the States to do more training with John F Barnes in his Myofascial Release approach.  Ideally this will be in September, as they are running a series of courses over two weeks  that really appeals to me.
  • Travelling to the States to train with Chyna Honey in her approach to Reiki.


Some to be planned

  • Renewing my First Aid certificate (I really must not forget this one in all the excitement of the year)
  • Running Reiki attunements.
  • Gaining a teaching qualification.  OK, so this is part of a larger path that I am likely to be following (just to be contrary and have at least one destination in mind).


Some just for me:

  • To have a holiday in Seville, Cordoba and Granada to see and photograph the Moorish architecture. Oh, this one is booked for the beginning of March.
  • To remember to have a holiday later in the year that does not involve a course.
  • To see the Kelpies in Scotland, I will probably make it in June.
  • To have fun and see friends and create lovely memories.


So this makes 2019 look like a year to enjoy, and I will coddiwomple to the end seeing where my interests take me, but ultimately I will be working on expanding my knowledge to help my clients grow.

So that’s my ideas for the coming year.  I’m sure there will be many more interesting and unexpected things along the way, which I will try to share with you.