Well, here we are in the last stretch, and following on from the first week, the second week, and then last week’s third installment, here are the remaining photos from the December Reflections.

I hope you enjoy them

Day 23 – A secret…

I am a “bad” Yoga Teacher:
1) I don’t “do” Yoga everyday, in that I don’t always get my mat out and do the poses. I might squeeze odd ones in during the day at work.
2) ‎Sometimes my practice is just lying on my mat. I was exhausted on the day I took this picture and hugging a bolster whilst I was in pigeon was delightful and I almost fell asleep.
3) ‎I don’t practice extreme poses and post pictures on Social media (and I wouldn’t inflict my naked body on the world)

…what I am is doing my best, being kind to myself. And I’m teasing about being “bad” I’m just human

Day 24 – Stillness

Finding peace amongst the chaos

Day 25 – Today is…

(or rather was) Christmas Day, a day spent with family, some traditions (this angel at the top of the tree, no television), eating and having a lovely time. I hope you all had a lovely time

Day 26 – Evening

spent reading in front of an open fire… Just the thing on Boxing day…

Day 27 – 2017 taught me

That I have power, and it is within my hands. That still gives me pause, but I will be working on that in 2018 and beyond…

Day 28 – My wish for 2018…

…is to continue to get to know my self better, hearing what my body has to teach me, integrating the elements of my knowledge and desires in a harmonious, self-supporting and self-aware way. I’m also hoping that it will be a year to spread my wings and share what I know and discover…

Day 29 – My eyes

…have seen many wonderful sights this year. From the Red Rocks of Sedona to the Green Hills of Dorset; hundreds of photographs taken and shared; thousands (if not millions) of words read in inspirational and thoughtful books (and those are just the fantasy books); and wonderful people I have met from around the world at courses (JFB MFR, MFR UK, ScarWork, and Yoga Teacher Training) as well as the clients that have come to see me, my work colleagues and all I have had the pleasure to meet.

Day 30 – Thank you for…

…so, so much. I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities that I have been given to me and I have been in a position to take. I am thankful for the support of my SO, family, friends, colleagues, teachers and clients. I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food on my table and the job that I have.

Day 31 – My word for 2018

is WEAVE. After an amazing year with Power as my word, I have learnt so much I need time to integrate, consolidate and blend my Power, knowledge and creativity into a unified whole. It doesn’t mean I won’t include new threads and tie off loose ends, but I want to see where this takes me…

So that’s the end of the December Reflections of 2017. I do hope you have enjoyed them, and I might continue sharing my photos, but this time from the Photo a Day challenge. I’m not entirely sure how often I will be sharing them.. I don’t know if weekly is too often or maybe every fortnight or even monthly.  We shall see how it goes.

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Thanks for looking at this.