So here we come to week three of my December Reflections 2017 (as organised by Susannah Conway). It’s another week of introspection about what has happened this year, where I’ve gone, what I’ve done and it is great to take the time to look back and see the changes that have happened or begun. This follows on from week 1 and week 2 (unsurprisingly)

I hope you enjoy these photos.

Day 15 – Best decision of 2017…

A tough choice to make, this year as I was mostly seeing through decisions I had made in previous years (Yoga Teacher Training, JFB MFR training in Sedona). I did make a great choice in motel and room mate in Sedona… But I think overall the best decision I made this year has been to participate in the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day (FMS Pad) challenge, and joining their Facebook group has introduced me to a wonderful group of supportive photographers who have challenged me to see the world differently.

Day 16 – Sparkle

…of the sun upon the sea, with the Cobb at Lyme Regis curling round.

Day 17 – I let go of…

…a companion of 17 and half years. This wonderful cat was roughly three when he arrived in my life and was a presence for so long. A wonderful lap cat, that always liked to sit on you and have a fuss. I miss him still.

Day 18 – Favourite photo of me

Caught in the act! Taking a photo of the groom, whilst he was waiting for the bride to arrive… I was too hot and unfortunately too sweaty so I couldn’t take off the jacket. However, it was at the start of a brilliant day.

Day 19 – Brings me Joy

A difficult prompt as I’m not always certain what will bring me joy: it’s an ephemeral thing that gently arrives and whirls you around before leaving you breathless with only wonderful memories. One of the things that will be most likely to bring me joy is photography: the delight of spotting something (especially something fleeting like a wild animal/insect/bird) and getting a photo I am really pleased with will bring me joy. Setting up a photo and getting it all completely wrong will bring me frustration too, but that’s a different side to it all…

Day 20 – Sweetness


Ah, the sweetness of the Christmas tree biscuits…

Day 21 – This year was…

…a year to stretch my wings. It has been a very busy year, especially work wise, as both clinics have been pretty much full since May. I have also been on sooooo many courses (MFR, yoga, ScarWork and online) I have more than satisfied my hungry learning caterpillar… I have also been outside of my comfort zone by travelling to Arizona for three amazing John F Barnes Myofascial Release seminars in Sedona (and I am yearning to return and do more). I have qualified as a Yoga Teacher (Scaravelli inspired) and started a new class. I have launched my new website, which includes a blog that I might actually use. The wings are stretching in preparation for flight…

Day 22 -Skyline

Taken earlier this year, I do love the sight of St Paul’s Cathedral, and the light was lovely this day.

So another set of December Reflections shared, I hope you like them and the words. As we are approaching the Christmas week, I will possibly be a bit late sharing the next lot as I’ll probably wait until I have the rest of the month completed. So the next set will be shared on or after New Year’s Eve.

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Thanks for looking at this.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Bonus photo

I loved this photo of me meditating at the Airport Mesa Vortex in Sedona, Arizona. I had no idea it was being taken (all the best photos of me are like that) and it was taken by the wonderful Nicole who I met whilst on the John F Barnes Myofascial Release courses there. We had a great time walking through snow and blazing sunshine.