In 2016, I was introduced to Susannah Conway’s December Reflections by Ginger.Urchin, a good friend from Instagram. The december Reflections is a “Photo-A-Day” style challenge, with a prompt for either a photograph or a prompt to the creative juices, or a way to consider life. I really enjoyed doing it, and ended up taking part in a continuous Photo a Day challenge (FMS PaD).

As I have a lovely new website, which also includes a lovely blog I thought I would share my December Reflections photos.

Day 1 – Early

Taken on a morning when I had an early start at Clerkenwell, I noticed the light through the front door. I’m still surprised I managed to take an interesting photo with very little caffeine inside.

Day 2 – Red

A beaded candle holder I bought from the British Museum last year. I tried to take a photo with a lit candle inside, they really didn’t work out (I need to get better with my night photography)

Day 3 – Best day of 2017

I have had a great year and there have been so many, many days to choose from. The one that stood out (and had a great photo) was the Wedding Day of Zara & Robin, friends from the choir my Significant Other sings in. It was a day of joy, love and lots of fun. Here is a photo of the Bride and the choir who sang both at the wedding service and again at the reception. It was a magical day.

Day 4 – Circles

There are circles all around us, and I could not see any for this prompt. I suddenly remembered that in my box of goodies at work I keep a number of hairbands, for clients who have long hair that needs to be kept out of the way. Scattered over the couch, they looked quite artistic.

Day 5 – Best book of 2017

Another difficult choice for me as I love to read and can just devour books. I also have books that I read for pleasure and those I read for work, and this year books I read for courses. So for this prompt I had to show a selection of books that influenced me this year. There were many others, some of which are only on my Kindle so they don’t really look great in a photo. The following are a few titles that stand out for me (in no particular order):

  • Forrest Yoga by Ana Forrest
  • Healing Ancient Wounds by John F Barnes
  • The Heart of What was Lost by Tad Williams
  • The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams
  • Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb
  • Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb
  • Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (still reading it)

Day 6 – I was challenged by…

…being incredibly busy. I have finally completed my Yoga Teacher Training course (it has been a wonderful 2 year journey of monthly weekends, and coursework, lots and lots of coursework, and practice and teaching). In the middle of this I squeezed in a week-long course in ScarWork, and 12 consecutive days of Myofascial Release with John F Barnes in Sedona, Arizona. I’ve also assisted Ruth teaching her MFR UK courses.

The JFB MFR courses in the States were also a great big challenge, as it was the first time (in a long, long time) I have travelled alone like that, hired a car, sourced my own accommodation, shared a room with a complete stranger (thanks Julie, you were brilliant). The courses also really took me out of my comfort zone and showed me I can do it, I can enjoy it, and that I have the power to be fantastic in what I do. Susannah Conway also runs a “Word for the Year” thought process and I had chosen “Power” for mine, thinking I needed to recharge after 2016, but this year has shown me that I have my own inner power that I can let shine through, and whilst it can be scary it’s also a great deal of fun.

I have also become very, very busy in my clinics, so I have also been challenged by not having much down time at work too…

It’s all good though.

Day 7 – Favourite Photo of 2017

Another challenging photo, I’ve taken lots, and had a number selected for praise within the FMS Photo A Day gorup. This photo taken on the first day of my Sedona Trip is still really special.

So that’s the first week of the December Reflections shared. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be continuing to share the daily images on Instagram (@RelaxRenewUK) as well as my FMS PaD photos so follow me there if you can’t wait. But I will share the next seven photos next week.