Changes to my clinic Schedule

No clinics in Clerkenwell and Stanmore between Thursday 8th November and Wednesday 21st November (inclusive).

I return to both on Thursday 22nd November.  Please call the clinics directly to make an appointment


Additional Clinic

Saturday 24th November Additional Saturday clinic at Clerkenwell Clinic between 9am-1pm.

Please call the clinic on 02074904042 (option 1) to book a treatment.


Yoga & Meditation

Yoga classes and Meditation groups on Monday 12th & 19th November are being covered by David Vincent.


So what’s going on?

November 2018 is going to be a busy month of learning for me, and unfortunately that means I won’t be in clinic as much as normal.  I am trying to workout how to clone myself so I can be in more than one place at a time (and also treat myself) but that’s not currently possible.

So what am I doing? Firstly, I’m assisting the wonderful MFR UK teachers for a weekend teaching other therapists, which won’t impact my clinics.  However, I am then attending two courses that they are running: MFR Me and MFR Unwinding.  These are both workshops that will help me to help my clients by giving me lots of time to work with other MFR therapists.

Then I am going to Berlin to attend the Fifth International Fascial Research Congress. This is the really exciting thing!  This is where anatomists and other researchers get together to share their findings on current research into the body, with a focus on the Fascial network.  There will be some news from the Fascial Net Plastination Project who are working with the team behind the BodyWorlds exhibition to dissect out the fascia from the other tissues (the reverse of most anatomical models).

Whilst I am there I am also attending workshops on TMJ techniques and Abdominal Scarring.  The latter being run by Susan Chapelle, who is a leading researching into the effects of manual therapy and its effects on reducing scar adhesions after surgery.

I will also be taking a couple of days off to explore this fascinating city, which I last visited over 35 years ago when the Berlin wall was still up.  I am excited to be having this time off and I have lots of things I would like to do.

So, I am sorry that I won’t be around much over the next month or so, but I hope you understand.  Oh, and with the festive season around the corner I will let you know what my availability will be towards the end of November (don’t want to think about it just yet)

Thanks for reading this, my lovely Interonauts.